Howard Kremer, Natasha Jarrow, Netflix discussed on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show


How this system chapel was painted by the way yeah there was a benefactor that was an artist the benefactor said note here's the money here's money for your pain find a scaffolding lion you're back let's do this on the show who charted comedian howard kremer brings on his funniest friends to discuss the top five songs and movies of the week and recently he's been joined by natasha jarrow as a co host who you may know from shows like another period or the honeymoon stand up special on netflix which is bec tackler ly funny they talk about everything howard and tasha from mumble rap to new country music or debating neil young versus jimmy buffett do i like that debate as well as which movies seem too loud oh sign me up please keep in mind at in addition each episode howard natasha have a guest who also shares their hot pics about what to listen to in the things they recommend over the you know the garbage that's on the charts recent guests include actor and writer and all around the bumpy bone ben shorts comedians john early and kate burland and erodes own paul if tom jones so listen to who charted on apple podcast at your or wherever you listen to podcasts chart when do you wanna start paying less interest on your credit card debt about today with a credit card consolidation loan from light stream light stream rewards consumers who have good credit with a great interest rate and no fees get a credit card consolidation loan from five point four nine percent apr with auto pay you could save thousands of dollars in interest application is one hundred percent online you can even get your funds as soon as today that's right my listeners get an additional interest rate discount on top.

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