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Got a stat of the day play of the day coming up that's what i love about matt jenkins had stats inc member i be saying is there a number do they keep track of how many you know what's the percentage of stamps you take under center here's the highest percentage of snaps under center last year in the nfl um your leader sixty one percent of the time was under center guys wanna take a guess actually you can take thirty gas in your not going to get this one brian hoyer sixty one percent of his snaps surrender center jimmy garoppolo second on the list blame gabbard third matt ryan fourth let me see who had the fewest number of steps okay boy that's a big drop off fewest number of steps under center i'm great quarterback outta guest cam newton cam is fourth from the bottom matthew stafford had a twenty four percent of his snaps under center to sean kaiser next with 26 alex smith with twenty seven cam newton 27 rothliseberger twenty eight percent carson ones 29 aaron rogers thirty the point three o percent of uh historical center center so i don't know i don't know what we solve with that but drew brees was under center a lot more this year half the time but that's because you know that running a too when you have to create runners you know that's what happens how many of these teams dummies quarterbacks had a what about the jared got yeah golfs up there to fifty six percent yes he says wondering if there's any like correlation between a good or bad team and then they're quarterback under.

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