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Tickets, one dollar. So we say, let's split a lottery ticket. We're going to we, we make the obvious choice, whatever we win. We'll split it right. So we barely know each other or we know each other five years. I don't know. Well, I should know 'cause I'm narrating this parable, we've known each other months, six months. You're, you're a botany intern. And I'm working on a new trying to Dan the lion? Yeah, I love. I love plants plan. We needed cigarettes. We both smoke. And so now we've end up going have a lottery ticket and we both put two quarters on the countertop takes. It gives us a scratch off, scratch. Holy shit, five million dollars jackpot. We scratched it off you and I say, oh my God, holy shit. We just won the lottery together. Here's the things that are reasonable to say. We're both going to get half of a lottery jackpot. This is a great day. We're doing awesome. Here's some things that are awful to say in that moment, let's get married. You're my best friend is harmless as that may seem if it's based on that moment, it's your building on this thing. That's not real that that's what I was saying about the suicide at -ality kind of thing. It's like she's Christ. I Jimmy godless too high for this. No, I'm falling checking. Good. Damn. Do you know each other? Oh. Now. Empathy. Yeah. You high? Oh, yeah. Oh, earlier me to me too. Oh. We should probably. Yeah, we should probably stop doing the show. No, we got. We got a little time. Dave would kill me. We have so many questions. Look at this United Nations. We have before us. Okay, we got friendships. We could. We could make Frenchie wrap it is. We got a lot of things we can do. Okay. That's good. Okay. Gene Charl here's what we're gonna. We're gonna do this if we do nothing else tonight. I'm gonna do a freestyle rap, and then you're going to you're going to do the translation, but no, no. Well, I mean, I like if he just actually just spoke French for the bridge. Like I just throw it to hit. He just kind of you could just say French stuff. We could say, serves Gainsbourg for the hook and he'll know how to do that shit. Serge Gainsbourg is Serge Gainsbourg. French. Slash. He's last one half a hall at outs of you have seen some serious about men. Okay. Oh mad men. There's the make an ad falls a Kofi Martensson. And the jingle for this ad industries is actually the Miltie of soda Gainsborough have cool of caffeine cook. Khuda caffeine. You for sure. Also not trivial is your entire country, but you could also just speak anything. You could just say. It's all the same. You could just recite the ingredients to meringue. It's over because I think as a as a solid, cystic American, I just think it'd be neat to hear some French talk. In the gaps between me fucking dropping mad, science news, grass Kip is three foot that s double up on That. that. Double double ass. Mondays, double double, double double. You've got to. Double double double double ass day. Yeah. Yeah. Oh shit. Yeah. Yeah. Dirty all yeah. My name is truck Travis. Truck, you do. Sorry, what. Travis. Good, good. Trash truck. Travis, Chuck. What do you do now here. Trying to dry my load do the next scarce station and then like go over to the French bud. Oh. I wasn't prepared. Well, I'll call when I call for. I want you to seek the hook, really you out. Dan. I got Jimmy with the fuck you to to to hide. This. But what were you? I mean, there's confidence, and then there's just so see of path like. You were just like, here's like, hey, what do you? My name's LL cool. J. you're like, hey, cool, j. What are you do? What is it? Get over here? Come over here here. What am I doing? And you're like, go over there and then you're like, take it. I've been listening to Tim, any shrub. Okay. All right. Let's go. I liked it. I was expecting. I thought. I like that to try it was didn't know your riffing. Oh, let's rip the more riffing. All right. Give it to. Yo, oh shit, raff machine young, but my name is MC. David Johannesen. Danson. Underpants. Stance. Book in. The song. The the by..

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