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Your battery. Powered take it to a bumper to bumper or a Napa or some store like that. But you gotta take it in. Okay. And they will put it on a low test and. Bill tell you 'cause I got a deep cycle marine battery I Mike camper. And I thought it was bad. And they put it in there. They told me how many cold cranking amps out of how many cold cranking amps I had. And they said it was still good yet fixed. You okay. So they actually do. I do have a question. Yeah. Okay. And I have no leaked that I can find. But every time I turn on my my. Faucet here in in the bathroom. Hot water comes out quicker than what it really should. But I cannot see any leaks. What can be what can be the cause of it? You have me confused. A hot water comes out. What do you what do you mean quicker? Well, the the water heater is sitting fifteen feet from the from the sake. Okay. And I got hot water almost instantly. That's a good thing. No because sitting overnight I shouldn't be having hot, water almost instantly. Right. Well, it's the water heaters directly below that sink. No. It isn't. It's it's it's not directly below it. It's a it's a distance away. It don't pipes with cool off during the night. Take some time for for the water. You would think it would. But if it's pretty close, I don't call it a hot water heater. They call it a water. I call it a hot water heater. How we? The the water could be circulating within that pipe. Get some conductive heat transfer so potential for the water in that pipe to war. Just stay warm partially warm. It'd be uncommon the instantly hot. But that's gotta be what's going on. Modern some modern water heaters have little check valves and top of them that stop that conductive water flow. But you must not have that. So I wouldn't worry about that most people complain about the other thing not having warm water when they want it came said Joe, hey, Joe where are you? Hey, MEK one MEK one got it. Okay. Okay. I have a question is there a company out there that can check your drain towel around the foundation in your basement. Deceive us all clear did they have cameras where they can go around the complete permettre of a basement wall will typically drain towel system. Inside the house is not smooth in regular enough to put a camera down. So they do a drain tau tests by punching holes in the four corners near the bleeders to the outside actually punch hole in the floor. And then they'll run water in there and see the slows some crack. Yes. They can do that along with a good company for you. I would call. Probably Mike shouted S. H A D I D S H S H A D. I d. Okay, or Chuck Weber, and they don't do it themselves. But they have people that they know who do during tau tests is what it's called regular Plummer wouldn't do that. Oh, no regular diploma. Wouldn't do that? You could base repair contractors. Do that accurate would do that basement specialists Inc? Would be to people. I would recommend to do that specialty thing. Yeah. It's a five hundred dollars or more tasks so it better to have an independent consultant look at it. And just decide what's going on. Don't just assume what the issue is. Or the problem? Sure. Okay. Hey, you got a trip in twenty thousand nine and we're almost to twenty nine thousand nine we are September fourteen twenty.

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