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Wrote a movie review column for the local paper that i worked at and it was. I was so excited for this movie. Nolan gets nominations for the film and all the technical categories but it didn't invest director and it didn't get a best picture it deserve. Both it deserves to win. Best picture if you're telling me slumdog millionaire which won that year's a better movie than did dark. I will fight you right now. In the main streets of el segundo. Let me tell you something. Though slumdog millionaire was great not better than the dark night's sleep dog millionaires. An incredible millionaire is pretty incredible. I think that year. I was ben. Button guy. memory serves the record for thirteen. Nominations frost nixon mill. Says we meet in the middle on. God's heart what come on ben button that gets me but naveh chance. It did not have to not have a chance that night but but you know heath ledger. The performance a builds to a crescendo. patient performance. It's not lao you i am. I the guy who played the original joker. On the first batman adam west one cesar romero went to my high school intercollegiate collegiate. Really and who didn't go to your a power forward who could go twenty that performance. The joker so big so showy so loud on the tv show and either with jack would rejected with it in the tim burton version. It's such a loud performance. Heath is subtle and it's disturbing it's brooding and it's can self contained then boy when he walks away from the hospital exploding. Yeah yeah and you think just chaos has taken over this and that had a real funny moment which i don't think was scripted. That he played with he played with the buzzer. And it didn't work the opening sequence. All those guys lets you know that. He's ruthless hill hill. Assassinate the people who are helping him would take the money. It's a show just gives you gives you insight into madness in what you said though about the character not being over the top. There's something to be said when someone talks to you and very just relaxed tones. I can pro wrestling as we talk about. It's always about the guy you know. You wanna yell. Electric ponant know what you're gonna do. But then you had a guy like jake. The snake roberts who was already like intimidating carry the snake and he was very calm and he would look into the camera and he would tell you what he was going to do to you within with. Ddt and he never had to raise his voice and he was very like matter. Fat welcoming you into the mind of madness. I went through a lot. So you know it's like so when you have that joker who's not over the top but it's just like oh man like this is this is frightening. And he's sitting there and he's he's been arrested he's in jail face you know he's getting out sitting there getting interrogated and he's just kind of you know looks loitering over the table and just brooding and you just know that starts the now. The mayor is kind of oddly. Cast the mayor with the eye. Shadow is kind of like doesn't have a may oriel this disposition you now. You're really like and i guess he's kind of a soft mayor so that was maybe some of the intention is to kind of you know. He's lost control. The city gotham in chaos. Commissioner gordon's really. The one who's kind of in charge things. I always thought that mayor was an odd casting choice but no one does a good job in his films with littering in the cast of supporting actors with some some some jarring casting matthew modine in the third one. There's some comfort there. I recognize him. I loved wind bestselling movie. The last year's private joker right. yeah there. There are certain casting things that nolan dozen his movies. Like michael j. white in the dark knight and maggie gyllenhaal that. Just work and yeah. It's it's it's a tremendous film still nike. You said should have got nominated if not one for you are at the press. Junket did the press junket for that which you know. Obviously it was was rather. There's some sadness that kind of permeated through the press. Junket because you know the the the awards run for heath which was a celebration of his life and his talents. I wouldn't come for two months. After movie came out in july so everybody kind of knows the one guy on the call she would have been there. The junket wasn't there. And i remember that being a challenge to kind of get through just avenue. Ask and talk about them and maggie being very moved. Obviously i mean. That's yeah it's i always at sundance. I remember the day. The news broke about his passing. And it's so sad and it's a father and that's the idea of what was to come. you know. I think that is the sadness as well as the life lost but adds to the to the to the or the film and the energy around the film And there was the line in the movie. Where they're you know. They say they were going to do this for a long time with each other. Yeah it's kinda. Wow and ben lines filling in for rich on the rich eisen show talking about the thirteenth anniversary of the dark knight. That was the last movie you went to first showing its opening day. You didn't dress up like bugs over the weekend for space jam. I remember seeing the first daniel craig bond at the first showing that day detail Pretty excited for that as well. Yeah so you know. I think i think with the dark night i saw the late show actually the night before the thursday night showing of snakes on a plane. Twelve o one thursday night into friday morning. I remember being very excited for snakes. I'm gonna go back and read. Some of these tells me he might have been a prisoner of the moment on a few of them. I won a main press association. Critics award here. he goes for ghost rider. Remember that terrible also covered the junket for that movie. I remember my key line at why ran through a bunch of weird nick cage trivia. Because what does this movie. And i also thanked mendez's cleavage. I think for happen movie that. Oh my return to the movie theater last week while we were off. What'd you see first time in a year. Last movie i saw was may of twenty twenty assaulted. Gentlemen oh Mcconnell mcconaughey is questions about that experience but twenty twenty. I'm sorry march twenty two okay. March pandemic founders showing. No no it was just guy. Ritchie is love him so march. Twenty twenty right before the. I think the week before. Everything went on lockdown. So and i saw zola movie last week. Zola lights do you know about. I saw it at sundance the two years ago now at this point started on twitter. Two thousand fifteen. This girl wrote a hundred and fifty tweets about taking a trip from detroit to florida to go Become an exotic dancer with the grossing just met at hooters and hilarity ensued in these tweets blew up over twitter. They were huge. Everybody was re tweet them. And i remember going man. This is a movie. And i'm gonna go see at one day so i was sitting around last week and i was like all right. I'm gonna see this movie. There was four people in theaters. So i was pretty safe in right. Yes it was like. Felt weird to be back in the theatre had been your weird movie too. That's a strange in your face. Nick braun from succession tariff florida character. After i mean it's it's funny but like i said if you read the tweets and you know the story it's definitely worth check- there is a story that went around last week that i saw people tweeting about trayvon. Free won the academy award for short film. This year tweeted out. An article is about three women who realized they were all dating the same guy. Hey so what they did. They decided to go on a cross country road trip to three of them like they became great friends and formed a relationship..

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