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Len Walter stock futures rallying this morning as traders look ahead to a raft of readings on the US economy before the thanksgiving holiday markets, obviously will be closed tomorrow. They'll goes a little bit earlier today as well. Oil prices nudging a little bit higher with the benchmark Brent crude up one point nine percent while US. Crude west Texas intermediate futures up a dollar thirty to fifty four seventy three that after industry. Data showed a surprise decline in US commercial crude inventories right now, the Dow future up one hundred eighty one after two days of heavy selling the NASDAQ is up eighty seven and the s&p up twenty four and a quarter. At seven thirty and a couple of minutes, you'll be getting some data on durable goods. And and initial jobless claims the little bit later this morning at nine the existing home sales data for October leading index change for that same month at the university of Michigan final Senator reading for the month of November and equity shares of synthetic biologics trading. Twenty-five percent higher prebuilt after the company completed an end of phase two meeting with the US food and Drug administration down one of its new products that they want to see at the market so very optimistic about that stock futures rallying nicely again. Here this morning. During company reported quarterly earnings dimissed, the St. however gap reported quarterly same store sales below analyst estimates dragged down by another week performance and its namesake brand including a rather indicating that.

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