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This stained sports history polling. Sure thing, Dan. 19 40, the first televised college basketball game was shown. Anybody wanted to take a guess where the two teams that played at Madison Square gardens, gardens back then. Fordham. Correct? In a non New York team, but in the oh. Not too much. NYU, no, outside of New York City, quite outside. I thought they had a double header. Oh, I gotta check that. I think it was a double header. I got four versus university of Pittsburgh. 1940 on TV. I think I think NYU and Georgetown played was a big Tuesday on ESPN. No, no, that was big Monday. Monday. Big Monday, big Monday. The violence must have crushed the hoyas. Yeah. 1987, chick her in 2000 career games for the LA Lakers as their broadcast are very popular broadcaster. 1999, Venus and Serena Williams became the first sisters to win WTA Tour events on the same day and John Madden replaced blank on Monday Night Football 2002. John Madden replaced blank. Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football. I actually really like Miller on the show. Tutankhamun. The offense is like the Tennessee valley authority. What? What are you talking about? Love the reference. It's just they kept overthinking Monday Night Football. They kept trying to make it what it once was, and you could never. It was magic that you put that group together and you had co sell in there and dandy Don, Frank Gifford, and they kept for years trying to bring in Tony kornheiser. And then bring in jaws and then bring in Dennis Miller and then I could just get a good get good games and get somebody who can call the action. Offense reminds me of Vasco da Gama. Lying in the DMV. America Vince bucci. Todd, what did you learn today? LeBron James is feared to be out several weeks with a foot injury. Yeah. Feared by ESPN to be out for a couple of weeks. See, no counter. Jalen Rose held Kobe under a hundred. Yeah. We've been looking at that all wrong. Yeah. Marv. Jalen said the power forward used to be powerful. Yeah. Pauly, she and the rose says, I'm famous. Todd would and I learned today. Jalen Rose grew up in Detroit played in Indiana, so of course he hated Michael Jordan. What'd you do everything it could to protect your family? Of course you would. That's why I recommend simply safe, home security, where's the music? Is it there? So claim a free indoor security camera plus 20% off with SimpliSafe and dot com. They're so no safe like SimpliSafe. Thanks for joining us. Our pleasure to serve you. Let's do it again tomorrow. This week, on the marketers report, Patricio spaniel Leto, global chief marketing officer, direct to consumer for Warner Brothers discovery, weighs in on building trust. Trust is a really hard thing to build in a really easy thing to destroy. And we have to be very respectful about that. Our partnership with iHeart has really helped us build that trust in that relationship with the on air talent. As the number one audio company, iHeartMedia gives you access to all. Every audience, live conversations, trusted influencers, and the data you need to grow. Go to iHeart results dot com for more.

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