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All right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. We are back with the authority project. And i'm excited. Because we have a new good friend kristy tasker. Who's going to unveil the underground the the dog rather collaboration to success. This is different is unique in. She says she's going to bring it today. Is that right kristie task. Ooh i'm glad to be here today. And this what. I'm here for brian. That's great she'll see you she's gonna do it for us today. Episode the already project aride ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Feast your eyes in tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority in their field. And how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience attracting clients to your own business now without further ado. let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold alright. We are back with brian arnold. Here what the authority project. You're the project and we wanna slap with authority to your name so you can sell more of what you agree that in we are here with christy tasker in the virtual building with us today. How're you doing chrissy. thank you so much. We'll have me lawful for this chat with you today all weeks. i'm glad to have the year excited as well. So let's get right to it first of all. Let us let us let the people know about you personally in professionally. Hi i'm chrissie pasqua originally. I'm from singapore. By now. I have moved to. Uk am a property developer. I'm also a distributor for a brand at european furniture in asia. I'm a publisher and many books number one bestselling author books. They really published on amazon. Will white so tells the tell us about this current project. You have here okay. I specialize in co author books. It's a way to get to authorship quakers okay. I have law france previously. Who wants it to be an author but the show of finance they are show of knowledge and do not know how and know who can do it. So i i am by on a cost to learn how to be a publisher at brought everyone together to co share finance and byu books and i promised him we didn. It this there'll be author and what happened and we just published a book published book. That people were remember republished book that become number one bestseller within the day. One of the boat launch so his previous icing and we'd be attracts at the same time where we call it a beautiful journey when you call a with other kin writer is beautiful. Creations is a journey. Come together and now we become a pet and we each other all the time. Which is really. Yeah okay see where he gone. Forget before we get there one last question before we before we get started here. What is your daily routine while you see because i. I'm writing a book now. So every morning set aside one. I'll just to do my book. So i won't turn on my hand phone. I would not turn on. I will have to on my laptop. Because i'm writing the boot on the laptop and debt the very hour i woke up. I dedicate to writing my books. If you have a goal in life you have to set time even when you don't have to you have to do the sacrifice so said the first hour. Just do my writing of the book before. Start my business of the so the nets when they have that one. Our end is turn on my mobile went. I communicate with my staff in singapore. And i start talking to other authors which is in the book collaboration project and plan about marketing and the school and have lunch break with my husband. Obviously okay leave me alone lines you you or sometime in the morning. We will have a one and how to two hours to walk in the woods so getting to the nature is chris to my heart which is also the way to get back to my sanity. I really look forward to working in the woods. I am quite glad that We moved to uk where the parts were removed to across the countryside. So we have a lot of nice area that we can want the dots which is really a give. Yeah that's awesome great okay so we got this. Let's all that together very interesting. So let's dive into this collaboration thing. What do you mean. first of all by this book. Collaborations i mean if you know in the market if you want to publish a book is pretty expensive the publishable unless you're is so good and have a good reputation. The publisher will come to you and offer use that money to to publish a for you. Otherwise you'll have to engage a publisher all celebrate but it actually costs quite a lot of money to publish your own book so by mean. Most of the people do not have the resources. Do not know how to write to not have the finance to finance boots. Who usually is a dream of many but only a few managed to fulfil our one of them. I wanted to be artists. Some eight seven the auto but new way. The equity i think is also one of the way i miss that. There is no way you can be author if you don't have the money if you have the resources and you do not know how so i'm here. The bus and mr is possible if you collaborate with this to come together to share resources share the finance should expertise to come together to to finance. A book is possible. And i do it. Within each within ninety days we become so which is quite cool that so ninety days. Okay so so. Let me pay devil's advocate here about about collaboration. Now so when you collaborations is it like do you feel that a brings the same type of substance as it would be just one person one person author.

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