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D. B. O. I'm sure if you watch the Daytona five hundred yesterday saw highlights from the win by Denny Hamlin you also saw the Ryan Newman crash near the end Newman in serious condition but the good news is after such a scary crash he is expected to survive using the Halifax hospital over there in Volusia county is twelve forty now he was ninety six point five W. D. B. all good afternoon I'm Jeanne Wechsler even after apologizing for his controversial stop and frisk program in New York Michael Bloomberg continues rising in popularity Mike Bauer says he's striking the popular amongst black voters a recent Quinnipiac poll has Bloomberg as the second most popular Canada behind only former vice president Joe Biden Bloomberg has won the endorsement of a number of prominent black politicians despite the sound of him defending his stop and frisk policy released last week but in N. P. R. P. B. S. newshour Marist poll released this morning Bernie Sanders may have opened a double digit lead in the democratic nominating contest Michael Bloomberg is close second behind him senator Elizabeth Warren is going after Bernie Sanders saying he has a lot of questions to answer he made the comment after those standing behind him attacked a culinary union online for criticizing the Democratic Front runners Medicare for all health care plan according to Warren that is not how we build an inclusive Democratic Party we do not build on the foundation of hate Sanders distance himself from the attackers telling PBS last week anybody making personal attacks against anybody else in my name is not part of the movement literally news ninety six point five W. D. B. L. help update floors break out of hepatitis a broke records last year we had thirty four new cases last week bringing the twenty twenty total to two hundred thirty nine cases as of the weekend last year shatter the twenty eighteen record jumping from five hundred forty eight to over three thousand cases currently the rate of infection has fallen short of ever reaching those numbers again signaling that results after wave of new vaccinations across Florida with flu season still kicked sticking around you want to know that the average healthy body temperature is dropping researchers at Stanford University of found at the conventional average of ninety eight point six degrees Fahrenheit is outdated as it's based on data from eighteen fifty one the new average is ninety seven point five degrees there's no single reason for it but those involved say it could be a combination of a more sedentary way of life and a decline in infectious disease branded Hogan news ninety six point five W. TVO I don't know about you I'm at ninety eight point one right now we're Eugene wax allowed ninety eight point three get a little hot all right great thank yous twelve forty two now your new stuff six point five W. D. B. we've got an update with Jackie gobbled up on the beach line west bound right now it's five daytime brought to you by you is heating and air conditioning our meteorologist rusty McRaney skied once again record highs could fall across center for this afternoon including right here in Orlando I got eighty seven as a daytime high that would tie the record that was set back blast in nineteen seventy five for tonight increasing clouds overnight with some fog developing by tomorrow morning to be locally dense as well willow only getting down to sixty nine Wednesday afternoon mostly cloudy skies twenty percent chance for showers still really warm the high of eighty five Thursday look for a forty percent chance for morning rain the high getting around eighty degrees but temperatures Thursday afternoon actually fall quickly as a very strong cold front will arrive and guess what guys by Friday afternoon the high will just be sixty two degrees winter does return it'll be mostly cloudy on Friday then mostly sunny on Saturday but still quite chilly a high of sixty seven with the extended five day forecast for times an hour I'm channel nine meteorologist rusty McRae and right now we are looking at eighty three degrees in Oviedo I've got eighty two and partly cloudy in Orlando severe weather station Jack your body's you're safe judge Garrity rattler triple team traffic things getting any better on the beach line westbound Jackie not really sad to say with the lane open the right lane is closed west Bennett innovation way from an earlier truck fire but you're still backed up past Dallas Boulevard stay to the left if you're ready you can get off at the office Dallas make your way up to five twenty but if you're coming in and you haven't gone this far best off to get off at five twenty make your way up to colonial you're probably looking at that hour getting through the delays stay left eastbound looks like just an onlooker delay still have this crash I four westbound round Fairbanks that as the left wing closed with a back up to Lee road and east underlay seem to be improving coming in from the coast your little heavier are coming in for Paul from AP is get your still slow there and then I'll feel parkway to five thirty six honesty integrity and a hundred percent satisfaction project air conditioning and plumbing services online at protek AC dot com they have a service technician near you with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning we're helping you get to work on time I'm Jacki o'brien is ninety six point five W. D. B. O. keep my hands to myself president goes on a tweet storm threatening to so a lot of people will have that an update on the beach one with Jackie it's all the way in.

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