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And i want to see him be accurate when he's throwing the ball past fifteen yards because in today's nfl you to be able to Chunk out yards. And you got to do it quickly. So if ben dwayne haskins isn't able to throw the ball down the field really what use is he we seen him in washington throw some Some pretty brutal turnovers. When working down the field he cannot be so conservative. especially in this Training camp he needs to really kind of push to make this team make those aggressive place and sh- and prove that he can do it so that's what we need to see. How to duane. Haskins out of josh dobbs. If he can. Just keep up this consistency. I'd like there's no way that the steelers could possibly move on from him just by releasing him because he is proving to be a solid backup again. We know how much ben rothlisberger respects him We know what he can do with this feet if he can. Just be a guy. That sticks around on the roster. Someone ben can pick his brain on the sideline and heck if ben sitting out a game. That josh dobbs package that we saw a year ago. I thought was highly effective. If he's the number three quarterback. I would love josh dobbs package. en- games were if ben rothlisberger isn't the guy you could turn josh jobs for series for just a change of pace Number of place. It was very effective against the browns. And i kinda wanna see that. Continue now for mason. Rudolph what he needs to do is be more consistent and just be better in the pocket and that's something we've heard year in and year out with mason. He needs to be a guy that can work on his fetal but Hit the guys. When they're running the routes in the hands a hundred percent of the time he just needs to take that next step as a quarterback Just put it all together. He has the deep ball. He makes good decisions. He doesn't typically really throw a lot of turnovers aside from one browns game where he got. A helmet walked up the side of his head. He really doesn't turn the football over whole heck of a lot so if he can just be more consistent Continue to move the chains. Just be the the guy that he is but a little bit better. I think he could be someone that is definitely at the very least a career backup and someone that kind of pushes for starts here and there. If there's a rookie somewhere down the line so that kind of wraps things up for the backup portion of the show the second half of the live mike will become coming up or rule. Fake focus on ben rothlisberger. What he can do in this twenty twenty one season and what we can expect from him really moving forward so stay tuned.

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