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Let you see arrogance and league monkeys. Yes. Okay. And do not. You don't have to answer these questions. The point is this loss right over that some leagues don't want this moniker of a selling league. It almost makes you feel smaller. Correct. And especially in major league soccer's case, maybe less so in the next because you know the next dominates the Mexican sporting, even just the Mexican news landscape, correct. And the less doesn't. So MLS maybe has in the United States. This need to feel big to feel important. And if there's a belief that selling players on means you're lower in the pecking order. I think it's an identity that these both leagues in different stages need to figure out, well, let's take for it's really quickly to leagues that love selling players. They're they are that platform to jump to bigger and better leagues, the Portuguese league and the Dutch league. You ask any Mexican fan and some downright ownership groups and the divas what they feel, they feel you gonna make is better than those two weeks and they will automatically. Yes. One hundred percent when in reality is could be right more compelling. But better. Are you going to be better than a PS fee better than a, but the. Upon them runaway one league one team right now though, so you don't think run away with the Dutch them having his Portuguese league and the. Because as we know recently, there's been some Celsior moose Kron spending a lot of money, correct. But I think in general, the other valid point here that Major League Soccer teams and the Mexican league teams pay perhaps at a higher level than their quality is on the international level. So if you say, what are the best leagues in the world? There's two conversations. What is the best paying league and what is the best soccer league? Right. And I think if you talk about paying MLS mex- are both higher up than they are making today's the same conversation because those things to show up and you get bang for your book. It is for sure the most competitive and it's the highest paid league in the world, and the TV rights are through the roof. All right. What what we want to talk about our all star team? Yes, what I for one second. All right. It's made you who do you think who you can win right now without seeing the names just over on Prussian. Like if it was an actual competitive game, if you. Everyone dollars for winning this game. So they have to try. Okay. If you had to have access to all your MLS players, everyone had to make it. There's no like, hey, I'm gonna sit this one out. I like molasses chances because of the top tier, I'd be worried about the defensive side of things because they don't have Mexico Obse has that they're in a game like that where money's on the line defense will reign. Fences I'm up. I'd say Mexico's got better defenders Mex and they've been able to bring in some good South America defenders to fill it in along with some of the good Mexican defenders. It's just better. Mexican teams have the luxury that American teams don't. There's not a limitation to what they can spend. Correct. I think that's very critical. When you talk about actually putting together a team of the best players, whatever. If you want to put on paper the q. rating of the players, it's not even close are much bigger stars in Major League Soccer than there are in the Mexican league. It's not even close. And if you wanna go off what those guys make, that's fine. But that doesn't necessarily mean you tell me the best player in upper levels up the biggest player. They have a couple inches levels web. That's going to be in the all star team, but Major League Soccer has that luxury. You say they are capped, they can go out and get that one player so that affects the all star team. You know that just so there's only there's only eleven guys on the field though, like I'm not going to go out here and say, Minnesota's got the best team on earth, but look at Darwin king right now, I mean on Mexico, all star in major league in in America. Doc, look at this surplus of players in Major League Soccer, earn him saying. Into the starting lineup under multiple different coaches. Mantica, hey, got an astounding, but he had he had a good running..

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