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Heart radio and I coming up after three thirty percent Carlo will join a CD Tennessee's conference out in corona. the family of Kenneth French the thirty two year old man that was shot to death by an LAPD officer inside the corona cosco after attacking that officer was holding a child at the time anyway a grand jury riverside county declined to go after criminal charges so the family had something to say and I guess the parents spoke publicly for the first time rustling payola they were shot to sky fire ten shots I will find out what went on after three thirty another parent has been sentenced in the college admissions scandal this is Stephen Sempra vivo he did enter a felony guilty plea for paying Rick singer that's the leader of all this four hundred thousand dollars to get his son into Georgetown University as a tennis star when he didn't really play competitive tennis you've heard this before what makes this story a bit unusual for the tactics about the way he got four months which is what the guy got yesterday so the judge in this case since the same judge who gave Felicity Huffman her was it two weeks she got. yeah no that I think yeah it will be because yesterday somebody a few days ago somebody got for four months in prison yes and it was it was not a father and this is another father getting for right and they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to singer and in both cases the the the scam was my kids an athlete and they falsified photos or die someone Huff been did was different that was the S. A. T. cheating right a lot less money she spent fifteen thousand on that so that's why she got two weeks but simple vivo and this other guy I've gotten four months piece yeah and because secures were looking for up to thirteen months and of course the defense was looking for probation so she kind of split the middle here but here's what was different the attorney for sympathy was a guy by the name of David Kenner he tried to make simple viva left to be a helpless victim of Rick singer. first he tried to say that Rick singer preyed on him because he knew in the world to successful businessmen and professionals they will fixate on reasonably on a degree from a place like Georgetown. elite school would be the holy grail so Rick singer knew that simple vivo would be fixated on this for a son any lower demand and then secondly and more strangely he was he was apparently claiming it's simple vivo was a little bit frightened. of Rick singer Rick had a volatile personality I was afraid of him I kept thinking what would happen if erupted if we pulled out I don't know if I feared and physically but I do recall in saying don't make the chase you for the money that was a scary thing for him to say so I feel trapped I couldn't back out I guess the defense had to come up with something to give the judge to say no you don't have to come take it easy on my client would you could you know what the judge it looks for and I thought it was the husband prove that the just looks for you to just say you're sorry a completely and yet so it upright no excuses no convoluted above Rick singer really convoluted lawyer arguments here don't turn yourself into a victim don't come up with wacky excuses. you're rich guy you're smart guy. you should know better. you did know better you decided to do it anyway you thought you'd get away with it. that's all yeah and then there there's no way to spend this stuff I've been saying this from day one these they all these lawyers it's a waste of money it's a waste of time you got caught they have you on tape they have the documents just say I did it sorry. now that we know that was stupid I'm I'm I'm I'm ashamed and then you'll get less of a sense is also going to pay a hundred thousand dollar fine and he's got to pay a hundred thousand dollars to Georgetown for their legal fees and five hundred hours of community service maybe that should be cleaning up the home was pulpit needles about that for all would you like to sing them scrub the scrub down Skid Row imagine Felicity Huffman our knees coming down Skid Row yeah yeah with Laurie locked in yeah okay a lot to the to them with member seated please she's going to trial yeah and you know what she's gonna lose and she's going to end up getting ten years and then claim she's the victim by the way they also claim Sempra vivo had a lot of hot hot spot because memory mention this he actually for a while we withdrew it he he sued Georgetown to keep them from another in his son's credits to the kid got there and there are the full circumstances because he got found out the father was afraid well the time he's taking classes they can't and all that but a differently drop the lawsuit yeah insurance have backed off somewhat on that I guess they did what they said they'll let him keep his credits but it'll be up to the next university okay well I'd rather not do any good yeah right. so and probably some university wealth hi Chris and Carla comes out next the press conference the French family the parents spoke it was their son that was killed in the cosco by the off duty LAPD officer Johnny can can find Dever mark.

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