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Mike jimmy wallington you just heard the last act of rope of sand now here again is burt lancaster bird food your name lancaster indicates you're descended from a branch of the royal family of england well that's what the women in the lancaster family like to think jimmy is opposed i can just picture you ascending the throne telling the king's where to get why bring up this stuff anyway well i'll tell you burt i've been saying that rca victor is new forty five rpm automatic record changer and records are fit for a king you're the closest thing to a king i've been able to dig up dig up jimmy ropley along anyway out of admiration for the forty five then tell me sire you've been a collector of records all your life how did you happen to shift from the conventional seventy eight rpm records to the forty five i didn't ship jimmy i was shifted by the powell behind the through your white i'll bet too bitchy i fell in love with a forty five records because they're so tiny you can start one hundred and fifty of them on one foot of ordinary bookshelf thus leaving little room in the house for the people i can see that you have a powell behind your throne to king janice evan we all they want model forty five your queen by the complete phonograph the victoria forty or only twenty nine ninety five that's right well you'll soon make that up i want you save on purchases a forty five.

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