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What's going to be difficult is typically not what is difficult. I know that is so true. Acquisition is not difficult now ownership. Yes can be much more difficult once you get what you asked for now. What it reminds me. Like willie wonka when the girl is like is daddy. I want pony. Then she wants the squirrel that can create aruca. Gotta be careful what you ask for a hold chocolate factory. That's right then. And then we found out she was a bad egg. And there's no more peruta town doesn't need anymore and that's also an important thing transparency in the process. You know that anyone can peel back what you and i did. The negotiations of it the the loan that was provided to the youngstown flee for acquisition and And we wanted to make sure that this was something that didn't have the unfortunate sometimes staying that comes along with transactions in our community. Now welcome people to ask as many questions. You want about the process in the transaction. Because there's nothing to hide. there is no I get you know that apprehension in a community like this where we have been taken advantage of and runamuck and led astray and bamboozled and hoodwinked. And all that stuff you certainly. The the people of this community have a right to ask and have a right to feel that anxiety or apprehension amount but in my instance and in this case our work I welcome it. you know. There's nothing for me to be afraid of the merits in which we were operating under are beyond reproach in my book you know. Now i agree. We opened ourselves up. We asked four things that were appropriate. We were denied some of the things we asked for ninety days. Here's forty we spent a good amount of time on what number was like. Well they're not going to give you ninety now. Nope that wasn't that wasn't enough shannon. You know we're just bargaining for a couple more days. it was. it was interesting but it was like..

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