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And then apple apples event days, seemingly take a lighter approach to I feel like a couple years ago, there was more emphasis on a and we still have Siri, of course, but there's a lot lighter of touch with a from from apple right now. Why, why do you think there's such a difference in do you think that maybe this hinders the potential of what we're seeing in Siri compared to some of the competitors? What do you think? Well, I think they're a little. They're certainly late to the game, Google, you would have held up as the corporate leader in. Artificial intelligence, maybe his as far back as almost as far back as Google goes, you know, certainly from the very early days that the company. And you know, much like maps, and maps in some way, is, you know, is under that umbrella, you know, because a lot of what we wanna do. I mean, some of the war with maps is just the hard work of putting cars out on the road, driving millions, and millions of miles and taking millions and millions of pictures, and documenting. Everything some of it is just just hard work, and there's catch up to be done on that front. But a lot of what we talk about maps now is very much about a I it is about talking to your assistant and saying, here's where I wanna go. I wanna get there by public transport transmit transit or I want to drive or I wanna walk or tell me what to do. Tell me if I should walk or take transit, and, and then tell me what to do to get there. That's why I don't think apple takes it any less lightly than than Google. Now. I just think they're slightly behind because they got started later. And I think hiring John and I'm going. Butcher. His last name j g John, John. Whatever his name is the former head of Google search who's now the head of AI and machine. Learning at at apple, that's a big signal. And I they talk about it less because they talk about the experience more. But a lot of the features they're talking about our AI apple spent a lot of time in the keynote last week talking about the update to photos and they had again, I don't have his name in front of me. But they had one of the engineers on the apple photos team, using his own personal photo library. And you could tell it like his kids looked exactly like him. It wasn't one of these, like fake photo libraries shot by a professional photographer, which is a lot of times, what apple does, you know, is they'll load up demo and the photo real is shot. They may actually be photos. They are actually photo shot with an iphone, but they're shocked by a professional photographer of professional models in beautiful beaches and mountains and stuff like that. And said this guy was showing his real family photos, and the way that the Iowa. Thirteen photos app, can now organize your photo by months and years, and, and collapse. And, you know, you can go to view to see all of your photos, but it looks like they want you to default to view where it's going to skip things like screen shots. And if you have seven straight shots of a young kid blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, they're going to using a, you just sort of pick the one that they think is best and put that in the view as you scroll. So I, I just think they don't talk about it being. I think there's a lot of features, they're using that, that are driven by that..

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