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Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks co-founder was arrested in London American. Authorities want him extradited it's morning edition from NPR news. We'll evaluate the charges against Assange with a former federal prosecutor, I'm Rachel Martin. And I'm David Greene coming up. He rose and fell by coops. Dan's president has been ousted thirty years later. What is the end of his reign mean to a Sudanese activist today? The Pentagon is ready to start enforcing a policy that limits transgender military service. So what do service members actually think about that policy and how Democrats plan to win back states that President Trump flipped in two thousand sixteen. It is Friday April twelfth birthday of Beverly cleary the bestselling author of Ramona Quimby series turns hundred three and the news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange remains jailed in London on charges of skipping bail. The leader of Britain's opposition labor party says the British government should not extradite him to the United States where he has been indicted for computer hacking, NPR's ofeibea, Quist arcton has more which is position labor. Party says Theresa May's government must broke any attempt to extradite U S orange to the US labor leader. Jeremy Corbyn says it would be wrong to handover so for making public evidence of alleged US rights violations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Corbin shadow home secretary. Diane Abbott address the US extradition matter in parliament is not being pursued to protect U S national security his being pursued because is exposed wrongdoing by US administrations and then military forces. Faces a single narrow charge in the US of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion that carries with it a maximum five-year prison sentence ofeibea Quist arcton NPR news London as President Trump pressures Mexico to slow the numbers of migrants crossing the US border. Mexican officials have been containing hundreds of people in makeshift camps near that country's border with Central America for member station, K Jane's, easy or Valencia reports. Hundreds of migrants are in government facilities near the border with Guatemala, many others leaping on streets or lawns. The waiting for Mexican officials to allow them to continue their journey to the US. This includes a man named eager from Congo. Who says it took him two years to get here? The simple. The day on this sanitary says have water have food would have medical care. We're truly abandoned. Mexican officials say they'll process -plication within the next few days, which they've been saying for weeks for NPR news. I'm core. Valencia in Mexico Brunei is responding to international condemnation over its new religious law that imposes the death penalty for homosexuality and adultery. Brunei's government has told United Nations officials the new law aims to prevent behavior. Rather than to punish the BBC's? Jonathan head has more the international outcry over the introduction of brutal punishments like stoning domination forced the publicity shine governments to respond in a letter to the UN human rights commission argued that these punishments deigned by God in the Koran and in keeping with Brunei's, conservative, Muslim culture. The aim it said walls to determine. Punish and at the standard of proof against an accused person was so high. It was unlikely these punishments would be inflicted at least two witnesses of exceptional moral standing needed the BBC's Jonathan hen reporting. This is NPR. Ohio. Governor Mike dewine has signed a law that bans women from seeking abortions after five or six weeks of pregnancy. It's been instantly challenged by groups that support abortion rights. The law does not make any exception for women who have been raped or are the victim of incest. It takes effect in ninety days unless it's blocked by federal judge the Taliban have announced the start of their spring offensive in Afghanistan. This comes despite negotiations between them and US representatives. NPR's cat shook neck reports these were supposed to resume in days, a spring offensive makes it sound like Taliban attacks have been on hold. But that's not the case. Just this week three. Marines were killed in an attack near the main US airbase Afghanistan. Now, the Taliban is calling on fighters to quote launched a Howdy operations, and is urging Afghan soldiers and police to abandon their posts. The announcement. Did however instruct fighters to avoid civilian casualties. The US talks with militant groups in recent months. Are part of an effort to resolve America's seventeen year long war and Afghantistan a US on voi- who has been pushing the group to accept ceasefire is expected to meet with Taliban officials in the coming days. Kachuck Nick NPR news, Washington. Sudan's military council says now than it has toppled President Omar al-bashir, it will not extradite him to an international war crimes court share is accused of genocide during an insurgency in Sudan's Darfur region that started in two thousand three.

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