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Some staffing problems, and it's leading to a disruption in service. Starting September, 1919 15 high frequency routes will be reduced and late night bus routes will be suspended. They just don't have enough drivers and enough mechanics. You know people to drive the bus or fix the buses, right Cyrus Fields. He rides the bus every day. He spoke with CBS Austin. He's been dealing with cancelled routes all through this pandemic, And he says, this is going to hurt even more. It will make it to where I have to leave even earlier. To basically make sure that I make the bus to get to work on time. Capital Metro has launched a new hiring effort to attract more drivers and mechanics. Full benefits, and they're even offering a 35 $100 hiring bonus. Uh to some drivers. Well, that's in the zone. We went recently out of Houston $3000 for garbage truck drivers. So here you go. 3500 bucks, obviously. Um, What's the J? Like? So many businesses are looking for good help. What's the job? Hey, I mean, if you're a bus driver, I would think it's highly competitive. You got so many people, uh, you know, looking for truck drivers out there right? And, uh And maybe that's uh maybe that's some competition there for drivers in general. And yet it wasn't that long ago, Todd. We were talking about the surveys that have been done amongst the drivers and their concerns about safety. Right like 65% said safety improvements were needed now, and that's Weather leaning towards possibly creating their own police force so that that could be an inhibitor to people signing up. If they're somewhat aware of what's going on, they hear about those safety concerns that go well, I'm going to drive for somebody else where I don't have to worry about remember was public before the pandemic Capital Metro was increasing bus routes. Member that they wanted frequency. They wanted a bus to come by every 15 minutes. Yeah, right. I wonder if they've been able to keep up with that. And if the need is even there, with more people working from home? Well, that's obviously it'll. It'll force the executives there to take a look at the efficiency of their route structure. And is it really Optimal for you know the traveler and for the city and are there ways to maybe cut a few corners and still make it work for all that This might give him an opportunity to do that. Let's squeeze in a couple of calls here. Let's see. We got Michelle. Checking in on the top of Don show Michelle. Good Morning. Good morning. Yeah, What's on your mind? Well, I was just wanting to give an older woman's perspective on this heartbeat. Bill. Um, I have done in my life. Several women that have had abortions. A lot of them are no longer with us. They were over than me. And, um, I can say that not one of them. Uh, actually felt good about it. They regretted it for the rest of their life and several of them. Three, in fact, never had Children because they had such guilt feelings about it, and they were all the same. It was because They had had a one night stand or they one of them was engaged. And then he broke the engagement off and she lived in a foreign country at the time and You know, she just couldn't cope. So it was. It affects women. If I don't know about the younger women have how much conscience they have about this. But it really psychologically does affect the woman to do this. Yeah, I I can understand. Let's see, uh in round rock, Sandra. Good morning, Sandra. Good morning. Um yes. I just wanted to speak on this from someone who actually had an abortion. I had two Children and a really young age and my changed Um, I didn't believe in abortion, and then I got pregnant and so many women were encouraging me and this is in the eighties. Well, now it's easy. You should do it. And you know what? My kids are grown. I had another child after that with the man that I married and had another baby in a boarding the sibling of your other child. You don't get over that you, don't you? I regret it. I don't regret having my kids. I regret having an abortion and Even though I did it early on, it stays with you. And I believe in adoption had a daughter who got pregnant and I said You can't If you want to live here, you cannot have an abortion that you can give him up for adoption, and he's now Doing well. He's adopted with great parents. In school and Sadness there, but no regret. And I've never my husband and I Horrible for the decision we made and it stays with you. Sandra, Listen, we're up against Sandra. I do appreciate you. I understand your story there. That's it's very sad and very emotional. That's it's a horrible side of all of this Listening is 8 27. You can jump in at 51283605 Nights, Todd and don show Right folks. 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