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Basically, they are already emulating the exact same model that had old Hollywood really propped up and made it bulletproof. It's already happening now. It happens already all Ghibli insofar as the number of big cinema makers now is so small. Now, the little lots and lots of small production houses have been swallowed up by the big base anyway is actually a need for this lowers it's just happened organically. Anyway. I do think that's what they're going to find out. So so the the plan here for the Justice department is that they're going to have a period of consultation. So various different stakeholders will be able to have their voices heard. And I think quite clearly, you're going to have people from these companies. He basically telling the government that this Lori is old fashioned that has. No place in in today's in today's marketplace. And it doesn't make any sense for something like Warner Brothers and universal to be governed under this law from nineteen forty eight, the underpinnings of which actually stretched way back to a lull from eighteen ninety. That's how far back in history where talking here it doesn't make any sense for them to be governed by this and for other companies that have just been shooting through the roof, Netflix and Amazon and all the rest of them for them to be able to just go about their business on Turbe by any sort of legal ramifications. Thank you very much indeed. Does what we have time for today. Thanks, our producer Ben Ryan are such as page Reynolds and Julia Webster and city manager. David Stevens after the headlines as more music on the way financial ago. Sipa checker is in charge. Get your disco shoes on for for me MLC goodbye. Thanks listening. Have a great week.

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