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Millennials are acting just like their parents and every other generation they wants of space they're getting married they're having kids at a very rapid rate and they want a one and a driveway in a pool all that and they're willing to live a way out if they have to because they don't want to be stuffed in a condo it says above this is from the communist hassan acrossha millennials are actually behaving the same way as baby boomers they are moving to the suburbs and actually owning a car no no they're a gas now only anticar p laura gangs you see how nuts these bureaucrats are they had convinced themselves that somehow an entire generation was not going to drive a car in southern california because they're millennials and millennials are differ doshi dealt the really different the different the different they're not going to get married uh they're not gonna have kids they're going to live in tiny little condos they're not gonna drive cars they're gonna take bikes and they're gonna they're gonna go to environmentally conscious grocery story is like no they're not they're going to act like everybody else human nature doesn't change i can't tell you how many how many ridiculous arguments i have heard about will millennials are going to be diff no they're not nobody's different if you look at your life your very you have a life pretty close to your parent's life the months not forget the factor that california began allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses that makes it a little easier and less risky to now finally have your own car this study said that hooper and lift didn't play that much of a factor in this city of the gas prices him really was just about lowinterest loans help.

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