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Bre. Breath. I don't understand Monica. So I worked for the IRS. I'm on vacations is because three quarters of the IRS does not work in Yongin, your tax refunds Monica. First of all if you work for the IRS, and you are part of the delegation, what we want to know is why we pay taxes because how can we be walking together unless we agree Monica. You have identified yourself as v enemy. I mean, we love you. And all, but this you got to tell me the him me, we have questions, then do these bills understand back pain? Do these bills understand back pay after had to pay my bills, and they turned it off? They didn't understand back pay. And this is what I need to know is do they understand that? I don't have a right now and the more than likely the answer is no. And so I just I just just wanna be honest about that Kim says arrogant employees, we are okay in my division. But that that. That we shall see. I know what we shall see mean. We shall see me. She can't imagine it neither we shall see means. I can't imagine it. I know what that means. I speak that I speak that language. I know exactly what that is. Sandra says grow get those tax refunds process. Yeah. Monica. We we want you to get off of the live and help us was she says she not working right now. I wish government. Cares. It. I wish I would not get my taxes child. I'm trying to tell you. I'm telling you watch out in these seen y'all to watch that in these e because at the same stone get these refunds first of all at Annalong get a refund, and you know, I guess price. Lord, all but I remember season. Whole reminisce inform omen, let me take it back. Oh, February I would pay that little extra just to have it direct deposited. And while claiming my children, I've never been more proud to be a parent. I know some of y'all get joss fix it kindergarten, graduations and other view Joe Fixit ballet and tap recital. But nothing made me look much with love and Etta ration- light tax time because I know for sure that all of this that you have cost me throughout the years about two comeback to me in one.

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