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This is really very controller controlling and abusive very modest situation. Meantime autumn was making plans for her future with the boys. Autumn's family says when it came to her mental and emotional health. They knew that it had to be all hands on deck. They took turns checking in on her on an hourly basis. Reminding her to look forward. Focus on the positives and remain confident that they would still have a bright future together. I told jalen tell her to start journaling so she can get it out of her head onto paper and so she started writing prayers onto paper. And i will fight for my son and i will do whatever it takes to get my baby back my precious babies her gifts from god and thank you for them and thank you for my family and thank you for everything. She would've bubble wrapped the earth for her children and autumn able to remain optimistic about getting her boys back because she didn't believe she was a suspect in the child abuse. Investigation by everett police. She knew she wasn't the suspect. Felt she wasn't she was moved. The was going to attack here. Pay extra to have massage. Cavs and walking favorite place was raffray. Another important detail to note here is that autumn wasn't supposed to be speaking with tyler patient since l. They weren't supposed to but she was texting him and his mother because she would call the hospital game find out teaches conditions. Jamie said you need to stop having contact with tyler. He said you know. Hey sustainability hospital by dj's condition and use of knock it off and her attorney said. Do not talk to anybody without me there you know. We all agreed that included texting with thailand. We don't know if autumn was secretly communicating with tyler. What we do know is the day before her death on thursday autumn's action show that she was planning for her future. She scheduled a polygraph test at the first opportunity. Which was the following tuesday. She also went to a parenting class. One of the requirements set by child protective services before they would consider giving her custody of her children. That's where her family says. She unexpectedly ran into tyler and his mother autumn sitting alone. When she saw them later police would interview. Tyler's mother knew about this encounter on thursday. We had to go to every police department or the interview and after finishing was walking on the road at penn across the street autumn. Was there at the police. No extra across the street at church and she was set on game joe street and because the investigation going Talks totta come on. Let's go okay in the dallas. It so they can talk to each other. No identified them. I said it's a home. And here's how tyler would recall the encounter. The last time that you saw autumn de remember what day. That was unbelievable. It's thursday okay. Explain to me what your interaction with harmless like on that day. I was surprised to see her on. Where was this literally by the ever. Police department of issue sitting. I believe there was a church across the street from the pharmacy in there. And i recognized automobile doing here but my my mother. She should come on so i left. We weren't able to talk to each other and say last time i saw her. We've totally of. It'd be best if we didn't talk. So we knew we had no communications to each other. What is what was her demeanor like when she saw depressed. She just seemed depressed and my she looked. She really hasn't been her mind. We know that tyler wasn't there for parenting classes. He had just left a long interview in polygraph session with everett police where he failed the lie detector test for the second time later that evening autumn would talk with her dad on the phone and tell him she plans to walk around green lake. The next day on friday it was a place that was special to her and her family. According to autumn's mom. Chair steve i to take my daughter's there and when they were younger and because it's it's a beautiful lake first of all it's big. You know you a two and a half miles. I think to walk around that thing and we would. we would go because it's always populated somewhere where we felt safe deny before she died her nanna says she was in great spirits because she had a plant and we know from episode one when autumn set her. Mind something. she wouldn't let anything stand in her way. Whether that was losing weight or returning to high school to earn her diploma. Hernandez gioia leah says. Going for walks was what autumn did to recalibrate and get healthy in both body and mind. We had mapped out a plan for her. She was doing everything she was supposed to be doing the courts but we were going to go above and beyond what they asked to prove to them that she really generally loved and cared about. And i don't think anybody doubted that or that. Anybody even thought shannon that even her case for after that came out for me she said. I did not believe that she had anything to do with anything that happened. Nobody did she said nobody believed that. The whole family.

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