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Kevin Gallagher Alikhan Caccia D'Amato where which we don't fit into any of these categories that people from the deep South would fit into the other ones who Batesville Washington in calling the shots and the Republican Party wins as you mentioned gun control before I'm not antigun only gonNA I don't really gone but if you walk down the street and you took ten and pretend to be publicans forgets and Democrats ten Republicans. You walked up to me and say do think criminals should have a gun. I think a mental patient using the terminology as regards. You didn't get guy in the terrorist watchlist Muslim on the terrorist watchlist. I'm using it. Don't use I guess I'm just saying if you put it in those terms. There's no of course not I'm so I'd write conservatives but then do you say your favorite gun control. It's absolutely not defamed. Good regulation no so I think getting a lot of debate has gotten skewed. It really is is why we why we go to the Mat. Saying Person Terrorist Watch list should be able to buy a gun a why a guy who may have a criminal record should be allowed to buy a gun when you you know it's just makes Mesa makes no sense all right. I got one last question for you. which is if president trump called later today and said Peter Before you head out into the sunset? Give give me one piece of advice from my reelection campaign. What would you tell him? I would say a running record tone down the tweets don't punch down to the President United Sates. Nobody cares. Abam had a bigger crowd than use it. At the inauguration. Nobody can put some congress person from Iowa or New York or whatever whatever says about you just don't punch down straight ahead fight what you'll even and stress that you're representing middle income people. Well he can hear that advice vice by listening to skulduggery and wise words from Congressman. Peter King thanks for joining us. Thank you thanks. Thanks to retiring congressman. Peter King. Joining us on this episode of skulduggery. Go forget to skulduggery on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your podcasts and tell us what you think could leave a review. The latest episode is also on Sirius. Xm On the weekend. Check it out on this channel. One twenty four on Saturdays at three PM Eastern time with replays as on Sundays at one A._M.. And three P._M.. Shorter follow us on social media and skulduggery pot. We'll talk to you soon..

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