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The earlier disabled order the order or or the other external factors that make their way less desirable we might as well get rid of them because there's no reason to keep them are round so there's this kind of like you kill carrian trialist you'll live better going to use old longo's closer hold onto the union tolls around it and so then we cuba around but onesided in that we get rid of it and it's just a it's a horrified to try to explain what i wrote about it once you who once you put yourself on that side of the argument you and it's not our i i purple you have put yourself on the same side as all of the worst people in the history of the year but all of the worst atrocities ever been committed have always been committed with that kind of so you got for you place your so on that and and gridlock their market so matt is there do you find any uh cause of concern have you have you read what the pope actually said not just the release but they are the newspaper account from it but but what he actually the in the entire thing the story with the vatican fia a video about it you can go out with a statement that all but explicitly endorses uh records from hospital and take their side in which was which was horrified couldn't as a cynical as i am personally brokers pope sometimes i couldn't even i couldn't believe i couldn't believe actually hit that dough we've got what you need we need the vatican catholic church to be prolife to be it's one of the only proeckoned almost got will go immediately the catholic i just couldn't stomach but i'm at the pope come and go come vague tweet many many comes out in and third the premium cooks orca but charlton remember radical offers to take the child into the vatican hospital which of course the other possible to but but at the same storm or the current con of matra joke and obviously po friends with talking about control of what's going on over there but i felt to me it commute still not enough i i need the.

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