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They can hit. And I know he's got to do everything we can to keep those guys off the base. And we did a good job plays defense tonight. What is it about this brewers? Maybe reminds you of some of those great royals clubs that you played with that never quit attitude. You know, we went out there every single night ready to work right at play. And these these guys never quit, and they never give up even when times. Tuffy battled back. We take each other up. How resilient is this little Levin? Walk off wins. Yeah. It's unbelievable. You know, these guys these guys never give up like I said, they they fight till the end. And you know, we're never out of any game. No matter what scores and tonight against show that congratulations. Thank you very much. Doug, Russell talk to you. Mike Moustapha third baseman for the brewers. He drove in the winning run in the Mustafa's rather could we can't call him the Greek freak Cami? He had a great game defensively and offensively and boy, he really really. Brings experience and we talk about the leadership of guys Craig counsel, obviously. But some of their veteran players the Aguilar's and the stock and all these players who have done something somewhere else bringing it to bear for the Milwaukee Brewers game to this afternoon. You can hear it all right here on WTMJ. I'm going out to the ballpark going to stop it. If you tell party's gonna take in a few innings of the game just to get a sense of what that's like. But the brewers one O N LDS game to this after noon, you can hear it. All right here. WTMJ Bob euchre. Jeff levering doesn't get much better than that. That's number one of our four at seven the four biggest stories as we see it across Milwaukee the state in the world number-two big vote in Washington. I'll tell you how that went went down. That's next WTMJ..

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