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Sla ask tesla went back and forth and i was told that if easily took them two weeks to use mine vin to try and figure out if my car could be retrofitted and i said well don't you just say like you know on on whatever april forth we're gonna change all the cars were gonna uses new wiring harnesses we're gonna blah blah blah no they said like every car is an individual it may be less so now but back you know around my vin which is like 12000 at plus change um they were mixing and matching and changing in all this sort of stuff in it turned out after two weeks no i could not upgrade my bumpers well no bumper upgrades for you that's right but that's all right richard chapman another patriotic another pay drawn commented he said awesome first model three video mel thanks for posting good to see your real world use and first impressions keen to hear all about how you go with it in the coming year have a great new year and thanks for all you you've done for the tesla community in 2017 and for your incredible generosity with those kenyan house guess all the best for 2018 and we continue to hear good news from the hospital so that is good good good good healer thank you to everybody who's put their effort their soul yeah helping young ryan yeah and thank you again to all the patriarch's for all of your support last year and for your continued support into this new year of the model three as it were yeah it's great we love y'all and we of doing this for you and so we're gonna start off with a little bit of a story of seafood if you would you like shrimp.

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