Federal Government, Vice Chair, Alan Lowenthal discussed on Sunday Morning Newsmakers


You know there was another one on there about a container tax i wanna hit me recently was my first year may have been second year and assembly i don't recall but i was vice chair transportation alan lowenthal his chair and he had this we're trying to figure out a way to get goods movement funding in for my district i mean when i was in regional government i was like in the city council but i joined a lot of these regional organisations and was a founding chair in reality to coordinate east construction authority which is building grade separations we got money out of the federal government we needed matching money and we didn't have that matching money so we're trying to figure out how did the industry generate revenue to draw down these federal funds and actually get this one and a half billion dollar project don's doing great separation for trains or cars you're meeting and so you know alan had this twenty dollar a container fee call it with a tax and i said alan i i can't support this i don't like it he says just keep it alive or discussion he told me all this stuff to doing the side it's that i will give you vote if you needed get it out of this committee i will not vote for it on the floor back that'll talk against it and so we kept it alive for the discussion we've got some other things done this bill never saw the light of day it wasn't signed into law but you would think i sold off my my child you know in exchange for the container fee oh go down the list and there's an explanation like that for everything some of the stuff that they were lacking has supported a sixteen billion dollar tax i remember that one because i supported letting the people have a vote on a tax extension in exchange for a cap in spending and a rainy day fund which we eventually got six years later something that particular prop one a and i think it was like two thousand eight two thousand nine from around there depths of the recession we'd already cut billions out of education everything else we were cutting to the bone and we have.

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