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Lucky star casino back at this week in history this week in nineteen oh three near Kitty, Hawk North Carolina. Four villain Wilbur Wright. Make the first successful flight in history of a self propelled heavier than air aircraft. Orrville piloted the gasoline powered cappella driven by plane, which stayed aloft for twelve seconds and covered one hundred and twenty feet on its inaugural. Flight is weak in nineteen Forty-six. Steven Spielberg who will become one of the most successful directors in modern movie history. Such blockbusters jaws e t raiders of the lost ark Schindler's List and saving private Ryan is born in Cincinnati, Ohio after studying film at California State University Spielberg directed his first full length feature the nineteen seventy-one thriller, which star Dennis Weaver and originally aired on television to strong reviews great movie, by the way, the young director grabbed Hollywood's attention with his next film jaws. In nineteen seventy five this week in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight after nearly fourteen hours of debate the house of representatives approves two articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, charging him with lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing Justice Clinton. The second president in American history to be impeached vow to finish his term on February twelfth nineteen ninety nine. He was acquitted and this week in two thousand five newly elected Iranian president Mahmoud on Medina John announced a total ban on western music on state run television and radio in the Islamic Republic of Iran predictably this did little to stamp out enthusiasm for western music in a nation where seventy percent of the population was younger than thirty years of age has of two thousand eight that's your look back at this week in history in many.

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