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For black folks. They're just general means that went around that we're saying and this was earlier in the year so imagine so that means that have the earliest thing about what we saw. Last night said the senator harris hated like man because she locked the more black men in the history of broke the record for lacking of black men in california. First of all. There's a there's a record. Like a guinness book of california records. Carry the da locked around the ag like dang what you do. Your job was like man's law of what's happening in the state and you that was used effectively as a way to peel black men off of they weren't going to vote for the primary and think about last night and i think about the four people who i saw in the last week and a half in the debate and nobody looked more presidential actually than senator commonly harris to be honest right. I think about the rumors when you when you hear conversation with fellow brothers who are undecided. Or trying to sit there you know. They're they're free thinking independent men so they don't they're not part of the cpa at the democratic party is that they want to hear about things around economics they wanna hear about things are criminal justice and they want to hear about things that are health care and it's like well the one thing i can tell you is you. President trump doesn't ahead a plan for any of these. But i can tell you. The presidential candidates do and if they the senate candidates or the house of representative candidates a state house or your state senate candidate has plans for these right You just continue to see me after meeting after meeting or even like i think. Now you're saying with ice cube right and his contract with america with black. America initially was supposed to be for For all of black america then. I think he got criticism from black women around that work. Because there's plenty of agendas out there that already existed. That were like dealing with and very conscious of what black americans needed. Then you say well we need to know. What's the black male agenda. Then when people said he needed to blackmail agenda than it was what we need to have. These calls at the campaigns to get delivery on like things like slots for trade jobs and and And being able to understand around opportunity zones right. That's by the way we found out only benefits rich. Investors not necessarily the the average african american. Yeah yeah got to have been credited investor right right but people the opportunity zones but it's all talking points because i think like once i get brothers of our ally here and i think especially now in kovic times when you are separated where you are not able to be connected where it feels like Where i think some brothers feel like and how they have heard that black women are the center of the democratic party. There are some brothers who feel like they have heard that or something similar about black men in general so now this is the time to be able to get attention because you the nobody gets more attention. The last thirty days of election than undecided voter and this is a time for you to be able to talk about whether grievances policy positions but You know right now. We're in the space brothers are looking for ways to be heard in. This is the way to do it. And i feel like for some from some men. They're they're not able to step up to the plate and say they got say you know. Oh it's so much in their west like thinking about like coalition building. That seems to be the same whether it's you know with camelback ventures or whether whether it's with the podcast and coalition bill like we we can't deviate where we can't have like these offshoots one offs right. We've gotta have. We've got to have one linear voice right. This and that one lender voices look okay. Let's talk this on november fourth. Right correct clip. Go out and vote go because go out and vote for the like the x. essential presence that has been marring your livelihood for the last four years or a way out of that. And look i. it's it's even if it's not the presidential we've seen what the last six months the outpouring because of cops continuing the kill unarmed black folk right and then we see how they have not been convicted for those killings. Y'all in some of the cities there district attorneys. That are up for election right now tonight story like even if you if you're not pleased about what's happening at the top of the ticket the judges are that are really giving us their trials. The criminal court judges the da's The da's of who didn't convict are taking a look at it like right. Now there's an opportunity to change the system particularly because it seems like more americans are are not buying into this anymore. So you gotta go vote because like livelihood your livelihood. Your lives are on the ballot justice on the ballot like housing. All the things that you want to have happened now. I think the the biggest time in ever of to be able to see real change happen. Yeah i love that you you you brought us because we can get stuck on joe biden and donald trump or kamala harris and mike pence. But you know this and you can speak to this. You can speak to this best state policy local policy have more of an impact. And tell me if i'm wrong. More of an impact on our livelihoods than federal policy. And we always used to say i remember. The last time is that was it. All elections are local. All politics are local. All politics is local. All politics is local. So thinking about this. I'm thinking about the school board here in virginia beach. Virginia right and the impact that my brother and spins is trying to have on all seventy thousand of our students here in virginia beach right. But he's got these four conservative school members who just don't give a damn about every student on the ballot right there on the ballot so that means that means policy issues about educating every child right and following the lead of an equitable progressive leader like erin spence links about every child from every perspective is on the ballot. And so we've got to think about this. Speak to this for one second. Is that like in presidential years. Black folks tend to go out more and vote because we think we we get lost in those. You know higher in elections. But why so important for us to guam in those off years. And i think we've said it but i want i want people to hear like okay. Two thousand and twenty but we got twenty two and we got twenty four right off year elections. That are still going to be happened. Why do we need to always go out and vote. We can talk about the city. We boat used to be a new orleans. They're having a oriel city council elections next year right and for the most part when we think about. And that's you know they're here where i'm at new york city all across the country. There's mayoral elections sydney council. There's county commission on. These are the people that are decide in the police department. The fire department the parks right streets. They things that we are most concerned about particular view live in cities and local areas like those elections. And those are people that you know and you can touch and you can see like. I can vouch in new orleans. It's not hard to find the city council member or the may be somewhere. Jason williams is going to be somewhere second you. If you want to find.

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