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And help us understand where your presence of mind and and how you were able to do that the gentleman who got in my truck hingis said all he really got out with pages shot at the church shave follow him you know that that's enough for low to do what can you tell people about that that small town from what i've learned is then the last twenty four hours or so is that it's a great commodity there is definitely a lot of love and definitely like hair here so many people are pitching especially not just here from all over the state of texas i'm not sure about other places yet are vigor cities in texas for all steps to to help very body and try and make this the situation as easy as possible for the families everyone involved is very to see everybody cabinet together but everybody out and the youngest victim is i think sixteen monthsold so somebody is shooter had zero heart to shoot into a crowd were there's a sixty month sixteen month old baby is unbelievable and this might all of this the entire shooting might have been videoed the camera was rolling because i i think they've videotape or or you know mm video there are services where people can either watch them in the community that can't make a church or they keep it archived for people maybe were at a town but they they didn't want to miss a mass they can go in there and and look at it and belyo said it may have been some thirty because this name did not appear in the database kelly was able to walk into a gun shop and san antonio last year and by the semi automatic rifle okay can you imagine the lawsuit that is coming against the us government it somebody dropped the ball in the navy and didn't report this gap and you want you want to walk cheated and all of a sudden this starts to happen now bobo unbelievable i i'm the the press conference was early ethic we heard most of that and.

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