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North bound traffic on the inter loop is stop and go for the six plus miles between Route seven. Tyson's in cabin, John Where the vehicle pulling the trailer tipped over a couple of hours ago at the scene, the last of the construction debris that spilled is getting pushed and swept off a 4 95. But on the inner loop, it's been only one lane to the left getting by for some time from River Road in Cabin John Parkway. For what it's worth, you merge North. Beyond this miss happened practically have the Beltway to yourself. There's heavy outbound work around the on Clara Barton Park way toward Cabin John Parkway. And back in Virginia, backups on both the North Bound G W Parkway and Georgetown Pike. There's also a crash reported above the Beltway on Georgetown Pike that will not help westbound on I 66 all traffic is held now. At the dump truck mishap it route 50 that truck, with its bed raised clipped the bridge. Westbound traffic is stopped as the heavy duty records began to pull this truck away. No one's getting pie right now. Westbound on I 66 but we expect at the very least a couple more lanes to be getting part of the left. That has been the case. The truck crash in Centerville a 29. That's clear, but we've got a new one in Manassas. Affecting traffic both ways on business. 2 34 near the hospital south of Godwin, Drive in north of Stonewall Road, You are under police direction 95 north bound after Lord next 1 63. The crash remains along the left side. Traffic brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union proud to serve members of the armed forces, Dont veterans and their families. Their members are the mission. Learn more at Navy, federal dot org's Dave Tilden. W T o P Traffic NOW Storm Team four's Mike Standiford a good soaking rain across the region tonight. 1 to 2 inches of rain by sunrise. We will see lows in the low to mid forties. Rainer Taper off the showers Saturday morning and come to an end before noon. It'll turn the windy and colder morning high in the low fifties than falling temperatures..

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