Michael discussed on Good Kids: How Not to Raise an A**hole


I feel like we humans. were all doing something different. Someone's creating something new. I don't think it's ever GONNA be peaceful. I don't think ever be perfect. He said I don't think it'll ever just be great because everyone's perspective everyone's views are so different but I do think that if we just trying to understand each other instead of trying to solve you you know attack point your finger at trader wrong. You know because everyone's right and wrong is a little different but if we just try to understand each other whether I feel it it was right or wrong. Then we can keep moving and I feel like that's also with my kids in the house if they're fighting and they're poking each other or they're fighting over one object. It's it's like using the language you know how you speak to someone you're not gonNA say. Hey give me that now. You know because that's obviously we're putting empathy compassion all of that into it but it is a language. How are you speaking to each other as adult Harley? Speaking to each other because I can still mean Michael can have a good argument. You know or whatever debate eight by the end of the day like we all love. Each other whistle are going home to the same house but our views might be different and I feel like for able to teach children that just understand hand a little more. Whether you're right or wrong you can still keep moving forward. I think limited peripheral gotta take the phones away. Even it is apparent like I get on my phone or on her phone. She gets on her phone world. Don't let it will fly to people were flawed.

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