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You're listening to the Colton freedom with Chris and Michael. So we've been talking about copyright in how the Canadian government is probably going to be passing some really Konia in, in tight freedom laws. Unfortunately, as a result of the copyright cartels coming up, we're going to be covering a story about two. What was that story about here? I missed it. Story from the BBC about social media details. That the US are going to be demanding from visa applicants. But first Michael has a story. That he's brought in. Yeah, you're really using me because you're talking about other stuff that we're not doing it. Well, we're gonna be I'm not ready for you because you're kind of misleading me here. So this just came in over the list came into my feet of human, that's to go. Was a mass shooting in Darwin, Australia from the Sydney Morning Herald here, a man who allegedly opened fire in Darwin on Tuesday night, killing four men and injuring one woman can be identified as forty five year old Ben Hoffman Hoffman was on parole and wearing an electric monitoring bracelet when he allegedly opened fire in the Darwin city area about five forty five pm local time on is a country has like anti-gun, right? Completely banned handguns and shotguns, and rifles extremely restricted like you can only keep them at gun. So I mean, it sounds like it's basically another story about how guns don't banning guns doesn't don't actually it's not effective against keeping people who are dangerous from doing things..

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