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Brighten your day with an ice, cold starbucks, cold brew, smooth and refreshing, it might just be the little lift you need like a cool breeze on a sun soaked afternoon. Download the starbucks to order ahead. Hi I'm Robert Lamb and I'm Joe McCormick, and we're the hosts of the science podcast stuff to blow your mind. This show is the altar where we worship the weirdness of reality. If anybody ever told you, you ask the weirdest questions, it is time to come. Join us in the place for you belong the stuff to blow your mind podcast. New episodes publish every Tuesday and Thursday with bonus episodes on Saturdays. Listen to stuff to blow your mind on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Direct from Hollywood just yesterday, we reported that Tiger Kings. Carol Baskin just delivered another knockout blow to her rival Joe Exotic when a judge ordered ownership of his former Oklahoma zoo be transferred over to her as part of a copyright infringement settlement well while the latest development won't get his Zubak. Joe Is probably smiling and in his prison cell. Because a Florida, Sheriff has just publicly stated the will of her late I. I husband was forged. Not If you need a recap, Joe Exotic and others believe Carol murdered her husband, as he was preparing to leave her in order to claim his pretty sizable portion, her husband essentially disappeared, and was never found they continue to investigate the disappearance of her husband, and have unearthed some great leads and new Info, so the crazy saga of tiger king may not be over. That's direct from Hollywood. Robert Lamb.

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