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I am a giant nerd. I am a gigantic football nerd. And so During the last two weeks. You know I start my morning. No, I don't do that. No bathroom humor. Start my morning. Turn on old Super Bowls. That's how I like. That's how I do it. Get up for the Super Bowl. I love old Super Bowls. Turn on old Super Bowls. And this morning I watched Super Bowl 25 You know that game? A lot of people up in Western New York That game, I think is an analog for this game. Now. Tom Brady and Jeff Hostetler don't deserve to be put in the same sentence with each other. He was the key to that game. Giants possessed the ball. For 40 minutes. They kept the ball away. I'm Jim Kelly. The bills and that K gun offense. You know, they have four Hall of Famers on offense and that Super Bowl Jim Kelly Thurman Thomas James Loft in Andre Reed. Bills were double digit favor. They lost the game. Because the Giants converted nine third downs. Otis Anderson at like 32 years old was running back holding off Father Time won the M V P And they dominated time of possession. They kept the high scoring prolific offense on the sidelines. And they won. And that's how I see this game. Tom Brady. Get into third and manageable. Possess the ball. Don't need big, huge plays. Just efficiently. Move the ball downfield. Shorten the game. The clock is your friend. That is the Buccaneers formula to win. Brady so smart. I think he's passed up. Peyton Manning is the most cerebral quarterback in NFL history Animal about Otto Graham and those guys Sammy bother, obviously, before my time, but in my Lifetime. My 30, plus years on planet Earth. There's no one better than Tom Brady. He doesn't have the physicals tools that Patrick Mahomes possesses, or Aaron Rodgers, but he is a better football I Q than them. The thing that Brady is willing to do. The other quarterbacks are not as willing to do. Does not make it about himself. There's no ego in Tom Brady. Well, there's a chip on his shoulder. And just like Michael Jordan did. He looks for doubt to motivate him. He still remembers all the names of the quarterbacks that were picked ahead of him in the 2000 draft. Guys like Spurgeon, when if you're listening, Ken Garment Spurgeon win. Picked out of Tom Brady T. Martin, remember him from Tennessee. Followed. Peyton Manning won a national championship. He was picked ahead of Tom Brady Brady 1/6 round pick. You still can recite all those names. There's no ego in the way he plays and we've seen it throughout the playoffs. Leonard for net. Remember that name? Keep that name in the back of your head here. Make that one. Maybe that's a long shot. M v p. Bet you make Tomorrow because These two teams met in week 12 Leonard for that got the ball three times. Since the playoffs have started. Rushing yards plus receiving yards. He averages over 100 a game. Look at the Saints win. How much for net was a factor in that game. Bucking years didn't really win that game. The Saints beat themselves. Some homes really doesn't beat himself. I get that. The bucket years will win the line of scrimmage on both offense and defense. Their front Line their offensive line their defensive line. Players that will play at the line of scrimmage. That's where the bucks are better than the Chiefs. And I don't care if you from Chiefs Kingdom. Whatever the heck they're announcers. Does Chiefs kingdom like that's kingdom? That's so stupid Chiefs Kingdom, my ass! Okay? Uh, You have you have to admit your offensive line looks like dog vomit going into this game. You're gonna get absolutely bullied and battered at the line of scrimmage. You're going to get killed in the line of scrimmage in this game. You got Mike friggin rumors at left tackle. Got that hasn't been a left tackle in like four years. And you're gonna ask him to slow down. Jason Pierre Paul. Good luck with that. Good luck with that, Mike Remmers. A guy that turned von Miller into an M V P Five years ago in Super Bowl 50. He still has nightmares about this. Brady's good friends with von Miller. He should have von make a phone call to rember is before the game and say, Hey, good luck tomorrow. Maybe you will great. He's not above psychological where warfare My grammar stinks. He's gonna be your left tackle protecting Patrick Mahomes blindside. Mitchell Schwartz has been out for a while, The Chiefs have figured out how to play without him at right tackle, but Now they got Stephan was new ski back in the lineup. God. They got cut by the Steelers back in September. Journeymen. They got journeymen offensive lineman. Journeymen offensive lineman against Shack. Barrett, Jason Pierre Paul My boy. VTV is back in the lineup for Tampa. You see him? Very disruptive against the Packers in the NFC championship game. And Donna can sue. Those inside linebackers David and White are healthy. Have fun with that Kansas City I know. I know you got Travis, Kelsey and Tyree Kill. One of the things though, that has never really One of the things that the Chiefs thought. Was going to make them completely unstoppable offensively that never panned out this year. Clyde Edwards, a lair. Number the first game of.

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