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Fructose and what you think about fructose is that unlike any other sugar it's process the miliver small amounts of fructose with me without slowly but not a problem for your liver and as i said earlier think about eating an apple okay you pick up an apple it's sweetness comes from a lot of chewing so you're chewing out the sugar you know in the meat of that apple your chewing up the sugar and you're getting some fiber to go with it so the apples fiber is slowing down the processing in the gut any time you have fiber it basically a it takes in it it's like it's exercising that's why we need celery is he salaries one of the best things eat because the caloric value basically it's burned on the way down because it's mostly fiber so when you're consuming large amounts of fructose it added sugar particularly liquid form like coker are pepsi or i mean a slams a liberal with more than it can handle and this is what they're saying this is this saying well alcohol the little added fructose consumer fiber rich food that's okay but it's only when we frequently consumed large quantities of concentrated sugar and we don't have any fiber to go at band would it becomes a health hazard we got the very bad health and that's what they're worried about is that the americans don't realize that with all the sugar lee putting their diet one of those important things they forget to put in their diet is fiber and they don't they don't realize that you know there there's no nutritive value to these corn syrups highfructose corn syrup sitter illiterate in the body now they hide themselves and things like pickles and and in some get even in melt they were talking about putting fructose in the milk and it's just amazing what they're planning on putting in all this stuff so tonight is another guy where we know i haven't visited with doc for a wild so i think.

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