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And I was weak one almost taken and I didn't have cable yet. So my my buddy knocked on the door and said, Hey, man, we're under attack! Grab Adele my mind. My former Left guard. And I ran over and what we watched the second plane live. And it was. It felt like you're watching a movie. You said this can't be really so. Even after we all wrap their heads around that that weak as they were still No. Trying, trying Tio uncover the rubble and the damage and the fallout. You know, that was a very emotional and very pivotal week for all of us, and course we've all heard stories about people that No, but I know someone who had a family member that was there that day that lost it, not just people in the building, but the people that rushed to save them. So it's definitely you know, an emotional day for all of us here in America. I think we all look back on it, too, and just talk about how the resilience that we showed us Americans and the unity that we showed we could sure use a lot of that today. Well, said. Shawn O'Hara, Super Bowl champion, The New York Giants NFL network analyst joining us this morning on this show. Follow him on Twitter at Shawn O'Hara, 60 60 Sean, You're always very gracious with your time throughout football season, so I appreciate it very much, and I'm looking forward to doing many more spots to you again this year. Appreciate you joining us today. Sounds good, DEA. I'm always here for you, my man and ah, man, This is excited that we have football. I know you're out everything else later. I know we got from February in the Super Bowl here to September and it is back and it feels good to have you back on the show, man. Thank you Appreciate it. Shinohara joining us this morning on the show. Excellent stuff is always from Shawn. 855 to 1 to four. CBS is the phone number if you want to jump in on the NFL topics were talking about. Also DEA on CBS Is the Twitter handle, you know, whereas gave us is early pics Week. One NFL picks coming up next hour. We'll get Super Dave's college football picks, and it wouldn't be a morass said when, Unless there was already in week one A factual flub. Let's play the clip from our number one Could you know what Adrianna's eating, watching her Raiders? That's unbelievable. It's interesting that arise. Glossed Adriana, one of our loyalty aliens who we met in person in Boise. Loved her up about how great what a great listener she is. She'd passed along her football food of the week, which was a delicious suggestion. The pizza Crescent rolls dipped in marinara sauce, which he used. I mean, Or as is now using other people's recipes because he wants to do less work. So we use his age around his recipe for the football food of the weak and says she'll be watching her Raiders coming up on Sunday. Let's play that clip one more time here, Pete, the body body watching those Raiders because you know what Adrianna's eating, watching her Raiders that's unbelievable partner. Well, this was week one. This was weak. This was the first segment week one It should be noted that Adriana Twitter handle is twelve's for life. She's an enormous Seahawks fan. Her avatar is Marshawn Lynch. And her Twitter profile banner is Centurylink Field. Her head blew twelves for life, her avatar's Marshawn Lynch in a Seahawks jersey. And her banner is the home of the Seahawks. And whereas goes ahead, essentially watching her Raiders DEA, she told me the nickname for her two kids. Are the Raiders watching them. That's one watching her radio. It's unbelievable. She was the girlfriend that player try to sneak in a hotel. In Seattle. She's not a runner's van. Her Twitter bio and I'm not making this up is quote obsessed, Delusional Seahawks fan love my hawks and fellow twelves You mad, bro. Her Twitter profiles. First words are obsessed, delusional Seahawks fan And Marie says she'll be watching her Raiders on Sunday Watch Raiders. That's unbelievable. All right, It is unbelievable on emitted. You've got to realize guys. This is just the perfect symbol of morass his work, whether it is a topic sheet, whether it is the bio for one of our guests, whether this is any number of tech of tasks he has at the show. There's always going to be one thing terribly, horribly, awfully wrong. There's just always going to be the one thing that's absolutely wrong. You would go. How could you have gotten that wrong? Like How could you have gotten that wrong? Mariah's just said one of our loyal listeners who he took her recipe for the football through the week whose Twitter handle is twelve's for life. 12 Avatar is Marshawn Lynch in a Seahawks jersey and whose Twitter Bio says, obsessed, delusional Seahawks fan loved my Hawks. Hold her a Raiders fan. How could it happen? Just really. I feel like I really quick just to defend myself. There is somebody else in my life named Nicola family friend who's a diehard Raider fan, and she reminds me so much of Adriana when I met her that honestly I just slipped and pictured Nicole when I was talking about Adriaan and cold or a Raider for that's all it was just the an accidental mismatch. Of course, I know. Okay, got it..

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