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Year, far more than any yearly total on record. In the man versus Bug battle the humans out West win the first round correspondent Steve Case then explains Cruise in Washington state have destroyed the first nest of murder Hornets found in the U. S. It was about the size of a basketball and contained upwards of 200. Cruz, wearing thick protective suits, vacuum them out into a large canisters in the town of Blaine, near the Canadian border. We first heard about murder Hornets back in May, Experts have been tracking them for weeks. They are a threat to people with their strong stingers and honey bees, and that's a threat to agriculture. Canada is also dealing with the pests, having found the giant Hornets in two locations in British Columbia. Police are investigating what appears to have been a murder suicide in Manhattan's financial district. This happen on the street just after nine this morning outside the entrance to the subway station near Mara Street in Trinity Place. Ah, 40 year old woman died at the scene. A 46 year old man at the hospital. Police say the woman had been shot and then the man apparently turned.

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