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Truck in cowley juan you're on cbs sports radio thank you put curcumin iveco real in first caller uh unfortunately off the city and i uh i it'll do yankees used to be a part of the boston red sox blocks here we are in fort law twelve ready he's from western what were used to be right and you're close it caused some who used tough sell took liberal i middle he does he has while wins games and and we're a case of tom brady who ex exactly flow and how much an want one how much do we have to drink tonight hello how much did have you been drinking tonight no sir but so gordo's three you get some sleep wanted joy super bowl sunday i don't exactly know where wanted his tom brady take give any do with the yankees in the red sox than him being from new york and boston i guess you just trying to find some kind of boston correlation good call lawn gets of sleep let's get up we got some wings to make in the morning chris in halifax nova scotia i wonder what the weather's like up there chris what's going on your on cbs sports radio added whatever colbert one can i opted for the move says it's a big win in the standings for them gather dipping late forever i 20 to tell you that the jack go they almokayad over number would yeah i mentioned adequate if not for the miles jack play that was blown dead problem early old pele to cochair the argo here no facts then uh i coach wall of effect of co 2 uh doing and i'm just saying that if the philadelphia eagles come over their defense the path think got that on that i i agree chris it's all about eagle defense but as i mentioned jim schwarz's defense is one in sixteen games the tom brady please fourquarters when he faces them so let's talk about jim schwartz being an offensive mastermind and the chess matches at least in recent nfl history tom brady not only has held up serve he's absolutely own jim schwartz and now you're giving bill bellichik two weeks to prepare for whatever jim schwartz is bringing on defense and all by the way they are below the.

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