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Are back with Martha Raddatz. It's been a huge week for the supreme. Court and we just got another major ruling this morning with the court deciding five to four to reject you know who's plan to end Obama's DACA program, which protects emigrants who came to this country? As, children Martin. How big a deal is this right now? I think this is a huge blow to president. Trump I mean this is part of his campaign promises. Immigration is such a big deal to him. But what ps you know, there are seven hundred thousand. This affects seven hundred thousand people who came into this country as children as babies some of them. who were allowed with President Obama to work in this country and not fear. Deportation I mean some of these people now young people don't even know the native language from where they came from, and once trump filed this, there was great fear they would be deported for now. They can't in one of the things. The court said about President Trump's action is they did not consider the impact on the recipients. So for now they can safely stay here. Now Martha on the heels of John, Bolton, saying he believes president. Trump is unfit for office. The Lincoln Project, a Republican Super Pac partly run by George. Conway. PUT OUT THIS AD yesterday, which calls into question trump's wellbeing when it comes to handling the job, take a look. Something's wrong with Donald Trump. He's shaky week week. Trouble speaking, trouble walking, and so why are we talking about this? And why isn't the press covering trump secretive midnight? Run to Walter Reed Medical Center. We're not doctors, but we're not blind. It's time we talk about this. Trump is not well. Now given how he has gone after Biden, saying he has quote lost step mentally, and we saw the attack Hillary for not having the strength and stamina to be president. Is this kind of scrutiny fair game? Well I. It's obviously sort of back at you. President trump for things he said about Joe, Biden and again Hillary Clinton, who he talked about all the time and her health, and they would run videos that somebody took that that he said showed she was not healthy, so I think this really is a back at you, and it will probably continue to be a campaign issue. Well this is this is amazing. Sunny I I. See Sunny has another question. Yes, yes, as we mentioned the trump administration. Martha has been trying to stop. The book's publication. Might understanding. Is that last night? The DOJ filed for a temporary restraining order to stop its release, saying what it contains that it contained classified information, and the Bolton did not go through the proper clearance process president trump has even suggested that Bolton will face criminal liability for having written it. Could this lead to prosecution for Bolton by the Department of Justice in having spoken with him to see. Seem it all worried about that? I don't think he does seem at all worried about this. I think. Key expected it. He'd already been through one process at the White House and he was cleared, and he actually made some changes into the book adding footnotes taking away some quotation marks from foreign leaders. I have no idea whether he could be prosecuted. You probably on that sunny than I am, but he he is definitely does not. Not seem worried about that, and they're hundreds of thousands of books out there right now. Probably ready to so I don't know how they can possibly stop the release of this book. Obviously, he's already done an interview with us as well. They're excerpts of the book that are leaking out, and by the way as soon as the president started talking about this, the book skyrocketed on the best seller list. Well thanks to you Martha Raddatz. It's always good to see you at. An exclusive. Interview with John Bolton on Sunday night at nine. PM Eastern right here on ABC and we will be talking to him. Live on the view next Wednesday. We'll be right back. Houston police chief art. Osservato is live to talk about taking to the streets to let citizens know that good cops are calling for change to and how he thinks Republicans and Democrats can help make that change happen next. Welcome back Houston, police, chief and president of the major cities chiefs association art. Asa Veda has been taken to the streets alongside demonstrators to call out racist and call for real police reform and he joins us. Now I'm thrilled. We are all thrilled to have you here today, chief. One of the things we want to talk about as you. One of the first city police chiefs to speak out after the death of George Floyd and you've marched in solidarity with Black Lives Matters Prost. Protesters in Houston. Why haven't we heard from other chiefs in union leaders about the atrocities that we see happening in the country, and that are very clearly not the way police officers should be acting. Why aren't we hearing for more folks like yourself? Well thank good morning, ladies. Thanks for having me. I'm honored to be here, but I think that there's a lot of speaking out I have the privilege of actually being the president of Major City Chiefs Association. which is the sixty nine largest departments in the country and the nine largest in Canada and People WanNa know. Why is this guy all over? The place is because I'm representing. Lifting, their voices on behalf of America's chief, so we have as an organization actually condemn what happen to Mr Floyd. Are condemning lot of things going on and calling for the changes we need to..

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