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Whoa while they were in utero there were too many stress hormones because the mother was poor so that accounts for the child's disruptive or dangerous behavior so we take that into consideration we've gone off a rocker and now they have damage and we can't apply consequences to them because essentially they're brain damaged then to assume that all kids born to poor mothers or brain damaged positive behavior program pbs whatever the acronym is using positive behavior to train greta the leeann burger the dog is different than child a child who only learns positive reinforcement and then a child who then growth and i shouldn't say positive reinforced because i i i actually do believe in positive reinforcement but i also believe that there are consequences for illegal or disruptive and the failure to impose simply encouraging disrupt damaging behavior that's what's wrong not just to throughout society you're listening to the michael brown show four seventy is busy latest trouble spot with an accident eastbound c four seventy near university state patrol on scene traffic is jammed up through that construction anyway stop and go from santa fe and overpass university heavy traffic in the tech center that stretching tonight's twenty five directions something i'm twenty five nearly stopped that's an accident southbound i twenty five approaching a rapa aerob blocking the two right lanes star reported northbound i twenty five near sixth avenue and a crash on eastbound i seventy.

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