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Answer was looking for a way to protect the fbi position and could have seen cannabis as of vehicle to secure his legacy more so than an actual threat to the public and whether calculated or not answers racist remarks xenophobic tactics had a huge effect on the public's perception of marijuana and its users it's probably a combination of theories one and to the prohibition of marijuana was a complex issue that spanned from nineteen thirty to nineteen thirty seven before the marijuana tax act was passed and the debate has continued ever since this episode of conspiracy theories has been almost a hundred years in the making even today the criminalization of marijuana continues to be a hotly debated topic and everyone has an opinion some states have maintained a hard line on we'd while others have begun to repeal marijuana prohibition the national conversation on marijuana is continually changing and we've only scratched the surface on the number of conspiracy theories surrounding this famous plant thanks for tuning into conspiracy theories if you like the show don't forget to subscribe you can also find us on facebook and instagram at par cast and on twitter at parkas network let us know what your favorite theory is and join us next week as we explore another conspiracy theory until then remember that truth isn't always the best story and the official story is always the truth conspiracy theories was created by max cutler is a production of cutler media and is part of the par cast network it is produced by max ron cutler sound design by kenny hobbs with production assistance by ron shapiro and paul moller additional production assistance by maggie add meyer and carly madden conspiracy theories as written by aaron land and stars molly brandenburg encarta roy.

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