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And he is now joining us. Via the carry. Global. Satellite. Network. All, right. So I've been wrong a lot in my life I thought the raiders. I thought the raiders were going to be kind of a mass, but I gotta be honest with you their wildly fun to watch. They've won a couple of high scoring game. So when you look at the tape Greg, what are the raiders doing that you like? Well. I think it all started well, two things. Number one I think Josh Jacobs is a top three four back in the league. I think he's a really strong powerful runner who also has great explosive feet. But I would say that John Gruden's doing a really good job. Here's why Colin because I think Derek Carr at his core is not a timing and rhythm thrower and he's also not a turn it loose thrower. He's not an aggressive thrower. He's not that's in your DNA. He's not like that. So I think when you're Jon Gruden, what do you have to do? You've got to define the route concepts for him so it shows quickly. Within the timing of his drop. So you're you make him a timing and rhythm thrower by what you do when your your pass offense and I thought that was really evident on Monday night against the saints because the ball came out quick you know he normally is not like that he normally holds the ball and gets himself in trouble. So I think Gruden is doing a really good job understanding the strengths and the limitations of its quarterback. Did stuff. That's fascinating. Cam has always been big strong and athletic. I was surprised an M surprised in week two against Seattle as efficiency throwing the ball. He he element were very good Nicole Harry and Cam look to a forged at least early, some level of a relationship has he surprised you as a pocket passer. No I think he's looked very much the same as he wasn't Carolina. He'll miss some with poor ball placement including what should have been the game winner with thirteen seconds to go in we never would have gotten to the final play of the game he had allman on a seem route and he threw a too high and too. Har- and it should have been a game winning touchdown in fact by NFL standards that was not a difficult throw so he will miss. Some but he will also make special plays and I think he was close to ninety six percent of the Patriots offense in that game. But I and I don't mean obviously is really really good but we'll see to kill Harry. He's he's I. Know You're PAC twelve guy he does not move really. Well, Colin? I. Mean. He's I'm trying to figure out what exactly he can come in this league because there's not a lot of juice to his movement. That's fair. All right. So Russell Wilson I have loved him you know that's one I got right early on his career I said he reminds me of a right handed Steve Young there's just something special. It's innate there. It's just innate whatever it is. There's an escape ability admissability some athletes just naturally can feel pressure. This year I mean good God he's got eleven completions in two games, and that includes facing Bella checks defense. Is there anything schematically that you've looked at Greg and said, okay, he's this is what he's improved on it. What what is it this year? By the way eleven completions and nine touchdown passes. That's pretty good. Yeah..

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