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Or episodes zero. I'll listen to quarter feud dog based podcast narrow about how to try and what not to do. What to a what not to feed how to live with how to groom them Botham show them by dog still dogs. And that is fantastic. There are loads and loads of different sources of information out there. But What I really wanted to hear about. Is more about the dogs themselves. In A. The stories ticket told between friends about man's best friend. Stories of might ship. Crazy. Behaviors intelligence bravery. Unquestionable love and sign much mole. Could I. Couldn't really find that. I know that people love telling stories about the dogs on a now that a lot of people like listening to those stories. So I started thinking. I also remembered being told at a have a pretty good FEIS variety ah! So. I had a few chats with my Beautiful Pot Anna. Trying to persuade her that I could and should do this. Yes. It would take some time. To do as good as I could. I would also send it to spend a few dollars to bossom equipment. And her agreed said I should guy. So here I am. A hype to present you with a weekly serving of Quesnoy on. For Your listening pleasure. Dowry. It won't just be me waffling on or rating out articles. I'll be chatting with real. Dogana or Decide. Dope cares on the insightful interpretations. Of the kind on companions antics. You might laugh. Cry. Or shake your head in amazement. And I'm sure they'll be a few of you. That will be thinking. Mine does that as well. Now. I'm a complete new this whole thing. So if you think on its some voice, please feel free to let me know how to improve and provide you with a better show. Almost, forgot to mention our magnificent five year old female. Miley. You'll he more about her now? I hope you'll give this show a chance. Of. Quite a few days. I think you'll enjoy. So subscribe, or at least listen to a few episodes before you decide if it's something not worthy of your listening time. For those of you that stick around I'm sure that together. We can make something really special. Taika. Her member. You dog is family. Well. Actually recorded that about A. Year and three quarters ago, and for reasons that I'm not exactly sure about maybe some self doubt, probably a lot of self doubt. I didn't really progress at all with this. saw anyway. It's now I parole twenty twenty. And audited. Yes should give this ago and here we are so. The relaunch of the launch that never happened of the relaxed dog podcast. To start off rather than practice with a few interviews, and then can them and no one ever hear them of decided to have a chat with a couple of my friends and this way you'll see how I am interviewing, and hopefully how much better I'm GonNa? Get another reason doing it. This way is that if you are listening and you have a concept and you're thinking about doing a podcast. Go for it. So hope you'll join me on March, Journey. And we make it Al Journey. to He all about the fantastic dogs that live with us. Thank you for listening to a another episode of the relaxed dog podcast. It'd be really appreciated if you like share, subscribe, etc, etc.. If you want to ask question. Probably the easiest thing to do is jump on the facebook page. The relaxed dog podcast also, if you are that wind claw, and you can always check out the relaxed dog.

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