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And I think I speak for everyone when I say I love the smell of victory in the morning clients go on the road get themselves a twenty seven twenty four win over the eagles now we'll bring aboard mo better blues Mike first things first eagles on their first possession put up J. Kelly a field goal next scene Jamal Agnew managed against the Chargers take it to the house the kick one hundred yards lions often run answer. well yeah often returning to but you know what that was sort of the way that went you know the the line's found a way to answer back on just about everything the eagles the album hello here either at the end and I'm not so sure that the receiver in the end zone because the clock at Westray Carson Wentz but when you add to his return just seem to me that sort of typify the way the game well what's so lance got the leader had an answer for everything. to to you know to hang on to that lead and that's why they're too old one right one of seven or eight unbeaten teams in the league. well and then from there the lines able to make plays to secure this way and want to point out the performance of Marvin Jones read our FAQ mall nine lions receivers getting in the mix off the hand of Matthew Stafford Marvin Jones junior targeted nine times six receptions a hundred one yard to go along with that fourth quarter touchdown there are no levels readers TalkTalk got used to I mean he was laying out he was driving through balls rolling her balls in fact they are criminal our crew after the game if that much don't catch wasn't that is usually a sketch of the game and really was it's probably the only one where you did have to lay out diver get hit for the ball so really just a tough tough game for for Marvin Jones junior that's another whole team played that way from start to finish. as far as one of the ball and this is Ben but one of those deals Mike that this team's gonna need to do a whole heck of a lot better as a matter of fact Karen Johnson twenty carries only thirty six yard to show for eighty six yards as a team not really what this team's gotten mind offensively in particular first year coordinator Darrell battle well no absolutely if you take away the you know that forty four yard or reverse from McKissick now consider that a running play that's more of a you know a gimmick playability take the arsenal give you log in really boils down to the lions carried the ball twenty four kinds of pure runs for forty two yards it's one point seven yards per attempt and you know what it looked as bad watching it is you did we look at the steps starts when it's over and it's still good just struggled struggled struggled since the start of the season from the ball can be consistent efficiency at all. now defensively we've been waiting for Trey flowers to get in the mix he's able Mike to register a sack did offer snacks Harrison soul that is a step in the right direction however as they await the Kansas City Chiefs will point out couple of key injuries perhaps Mike Daniels goes down in the first quarter with a foot injury and then it was Darius slay coming up with the bad hamstring in the second half hopefully get those fellows back in time for that chiefs encounter. well did look good for for Mike Daniels millions for you but also you would have a hamstring to ask an awful lot not to come back in seven days I would be surprised if not I don't know this I'm just speculating would be surprised if your your sleeves out until after the by when I come back and play the Packers yours incidental or are learning about that insurance of my past break up with nearly got his hands on the ball and took it to the house for return attached on those loyal of really good plays and sway made again came up women right after didn't play again. all right so here we go the alliance Mike in that fourth quarter looking at I think it was a four to three there about they send out the field goal unit it's blocked and I'm sure look members of lines nation are saying okay here we go as a matter of fact the eagles take over at the fifty Mike at the fifty trailing by three not looking good at the time but maybe this is the difference in this twenty nineteen lions team able to make plays on both sides of the ball when they need it well I agree with our diverse found a way to win and you know the other three part about that is that. on the fumble recovery returned by the eagles the line's actually practice that petition is ready for everything but it's as as Joe Davis said they call that sudden change so the practice to send down the block or the return or whatever you wanna call it you don't spend all day on it and it's something that they have a mindset you want to talk about you're making a stop and instant and she was very what you go back over turned against the against the cardinals no matter how bad that was weird first and goal on their first possession in overtime defense dug in and start to build to a field orderly came over so they actually write it had that mindset all season last week against the Chargers again yesterday in Philadelphia that started in Arizona against the cardinals. all right the goings on at Ford field coming up on Sunday there mo you've got a little class coming up with the team that is perceived to be the favorite to win the Superbowl the Kansas City Chiefs they will be at Ford field place is going to be absolutely electric chiefs obviously three you know in this campaign kickoff is one o'clock our countdown getting underway ten Mike that is going to be a lot of fun. orders and I think I learned not to do a couple of things number one you'll be unpopular pass rush rip up the running game and whatever you can to. not just sort of control Patrick my home is the quarterback Camillus he's on his way to setting even more records this year and second full season as a starter another person a young quarterback just as you can do as many things with the ball as my homes can't but you know what by the way this happened thanks for getting. all right mall Preciado it look forward to scouting that upcoming tell what it used to be a little bit later on in the week my friend all right sounds good guys thanks for having me. we should it mo better blues. already Steve ed the got it made it's it may be only three points but it's a win win is a win is a win and we're one of the few undefeated NFL teams right now are we yeah as a matter of fact a year right and it's it's an interesting situation there Polly and I've got a little number to share with you here real quick. yes indeed for teams that missed the post season in twenty eighteen the bills lions Packers in San Francisco forty Niners are undefeated through the first three weeks of the twenty nineteen season so very interesting staff there and somebody said a long time ago just win baby and the alliance doing just that yeah many take obviously we're excited about Michigan state coach mark Dantonio with this at about seven thirty five what's your take on that Wisconsin blow out of Michigan. well he is quite frankly I think from the Michigan standpoint there duh there's they had a bye week you've got two weeks to prepare for a darn good Wisconsin badger team and they come out flat in for coach Jim Harbaugh after to say we were all prepared we were out coached we performed you know that doesn't bode well because you know for a program like Michigan quite frankly that's not supposed to happen too much Jonathan Taylor twenty three carries two hundred three yards Paul I think he had a hundred and forty three yards and two touchdowns in the first quarter you know this Michigan team has had a hard time put it all together in the early parts of this season as a matter of fact it's been on offense of struggle Shea Patterson two hundred nineteen yards to go along with two TV's interception I think he had another fumble ball security has been a complete their for this Wolverine team for more turnovers in Wisconsin look these teams are good enough they don't need help but it's just the Michigan is of the mindset though given as much help as they need it appears that they are all right more on.

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