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Good morning. Good morning. Jimmy. Stocks ended the second quarter with a winning session. Games for the key indexes ranged from about 9/10 percent to 1.9%. It was the best quarter in years Now, NASDAQ and Dustin P 500 ADP releases its monthly report on private sector hiring before the markets open this morning. A supply managers reading on factory activity will be out shortly after the start of trading on Wall Street and later in the day, the Federal Reserve would release the minutes from its last policy meeting. This could be a good day for shares of FedEx. The delivery company's quarterly results topped forecasts that X has seen a surge in health equipment and residential delivery. Since the lockdowns began. The company has also been working to keep its costs in check. Several states have reigned in plans for reopening their economies because of increasing numbers of Corona virus infections. Dr. Anthony Fauci warned lawmakers the U. S. Could see as many as 100,000 new cases per day. If behaviors don't change, Jimmy back to you, Alright, Thanks. It's AH, 22 time to talk about technology with Aaron Carson staff reporter and seen it and seen it dot com and follow on foot and by the way at Aaron Carson, that's E R N Marty and good to talk to you. Good morning. So so uber wants us to clean up after herself. Disinfectant stuff. Is anybody ever using over these days? I mean, who gets into it over the I mean, how many sluts, right? Yeah. So, you know, it seems like this is kind of still a going concern. Starting in July, Ubers. No going to be asking or giving drivers in New York Atlanta in Chicago canisters of Caracas White. And if you're a passenger In an uber, You'll get like a notification on your app. It's like, Hey, please wipe down areas like door handles cup holder. You know, anywhere you might have touched and so a pilot program that might be expanded to more cities in the future. But It's really kind of coming in the time. You know, cities they're reopening. Maybe you're taking that uber toe a bar, A restaurant, and the companies are hoping that this is going to help keep people safe from Corona fire. You think people do it? They're gonna look at the driver and saying now. You know what I mean? Yeah. You sure hope so, You know, feels like a small asked, but now you need to wear a mask in number these days, right? Both the driver and the passenger. I believe so. Yeah. Yeah, I think so. I think they made that too. Good luck with that. Um what's going on with Facebook? All these brands are stopping advertising's with what's what's gonna happen with us. Right, so you know face such has long been criticized for not doing enough to combat his speech on the platform. And so there's this boycott happening. Essentially where civil rights organizations are calling on businesses not advertise throughout the month of July, and so far, we're actually seeing some pretty big names getting involved like Horizon Clorox, speaking of which I like, and this is notable, because you know, Facebook makes most of his money off of ad revenue. And so the goal of all of this is to get to do some things like Band groups that are centered around white supremacy or Holocaust denialism theywant to automatically flag, hateful content and private groups and even make it possible to talk to an actual human being at Facebook. If you yourself have been the victim of severe hate, or her afternoon, so there's just like a few things on a much longer. Yeah, is that this is I mean, you know, lawyers not advertise to the rest of the year, and they owned some pretty large products, too. So you know, this thing might have teeth and legs that Facebook has to worry about. Finally tell us about this upcoming scene at Siri's entitled Hacking the Apocalypse. Yes. So we have, like, pretty cool Siri's launching on July 6th that basically explores the biggest threat to humanity and the technology that could maybe save us and our host. They're Riley. Very funny. Very delightful for serious topic actually got to visit. With a nuclear missile silo that was converted into an escape bunker with super rich. She went to a cryonics facility and even like climbed inside of this tiny Tsunami escape pod which would just scare the heck out of me. So it's the end times. You've been on your mind at all lately. This serious might be for you. Yeah, it was. It was Walt Disney at the chronic Slowed lamp. Is he in there? Maybe we'll find out, you know. Yeah, maybe we we could check the Siri's out its it seen it. Seen that the country confined egg finery there to Aaron. Thanks. We'll talk to you next week. Take care, and everybody knows that's just his head. Jimmy. Not all of what I said is just this. Just this just came in for him. And Roger Maris was Roger Maris, whose family was fighting over his head. No, No, it was Ted Williams had willing Well, they're old baseball players dead if it's accepted. You got some sports is for us Being in the N B. A commissioner Adam Silver understands the threat of the surgeon Corona virus cases here in the state of Florida when the league resumes playing Orlando if they do later this month, he was a guest on the.

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