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And sexual problem particular lung among women fifty and older but there are a few treatment options available okay here's the treatment ladies dr your guy okay go out there and by kevin lemans book about marriage he has oh he has a book about sex kevin lemans our residents marriage and family counselor and he's got this classic line that that has been the the key to my wife and i for years okay the key to our success so to speak sex begins in the kitchen that's his lines sex begins in the kitchen so now paper thing hidden frisky of the kitchen was no it the deal as he says sex begins in the kitchen when the guys in the kitchen and decides a and i think i'll do the dishes yeah guy i'll load the dishwasher all un low the dishwasher all a all make my wife breakfast today so he says that's the kind of stuff that is foreplay for women like over fifty especially so guys okay can i do your part uh the book is rapidly apart his sober up uh the book is having sex life by friday because your marriage can't wait until monday you are awesome she pounded force kevin we miss work support our troops we hear it practically every day we read in the papers yard signs on bumperstickers it's something we all agree whenever and wherever the men and women of our armed forces are com we send our.

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