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Of Super Bowl forty two was owned by the NFL on behalf of its member clubs all rights of this broadcast are reserved and any rebroadcast recording re transmission or any other use of this broadcast without the express written permission of the National Football League is strictly prohibited let's get back to more of Albert and Bouma size is about the call back on February third two thousand eight however it has not been pretty football to this point but the giants don't mind this this type of game well this is a underdog football if you will both defense a point well if your defensive purists like my man bill Cowher is he loves this type of football because he loves watching offenses struggle especially the greatest in the history of the NFL patriots start out of the ten yard line also excellent point officials at a market comes flying with his greatest on the call of the signals you might carry the referee start off ready for your first goal of the tight end Benjamin Watson yeah he reacted to Michael Strahan who did move a Michael Strahan never crossed the line of scrimmage he had a sudden move in Watson basically pointed out Strahan said you can't do that well you can do that as long as you don't cross the line of scrimmage and correctly Markarian his officiating crew get it right posted fifty back at the five Randy moss with Y. Lawrence who will be in the back of the card the one yard line making changes one more job ready thanks he's please once again put something on the books waterbuck Victor Mitchell the weak side linebacker who has been very active in making contact with Brady which certainly affected that attempted plans and I'll tell you right now is the spectacle of the defensive coordinator if this game hangs on like this and it keeps going like this he's going to get a lot of credit because it's not just yet press one for these sensibilities we have got the Tom Brady as well seven fifty five all the time and watching sports wide to the right local hit both going left to right reading takes back control let's not get rid twenty nine where we see great plays by the patriots on third down Kevin Walker the previous series catching the ball about twelve yards short of the first out of Macon the wrong this time Wes Welker makes a tremendous catch coming across the mobile phone behind of you know that's the thing about tonight with Tom Brady that's so alarming is how inaccurate he is which begs the question is is ankle bothering thank you right now the children of Bodom five years they said this would obviously reporter we will your passport well first so the first visit is way out to the thirty yard for a first down it goes for the commercial breaks the tackle the question is will we see Kevin for apparently pulled a hamstring earlier in the third quarter but all told was riding the exercise bike this will only go to is going to ride the bike in the middle of the game get ready for work there is one is down on the sideline right now trying to push it to see if he has anything left the lineup of the I. formation and head off to the lotus the pharmacist has a full stop to his left brings it up to the thirty two year majority is able to make the tackle how about this this is the Q. one talk about how good the giant differences the plan tonight now this is this is the greatest offense in a receipt right I mean they've run forty five please of those forty five plays have been for zero or negative yards I mean that's that's a missile defense the fruit that's what you got there it's pretty extraordinary when you consider what this New England Patriots she was able to do during the regular season right now but I was earlier working all kinds of NFL record ready takes the snap ring listen to this do your job what with the Sloan said he was able to make the tackle water flows down once again well the patriots postado put all this time you know they want to go out there and Ross the younger the rookie the faster of the defensive backs it it is gonna be really tough for a rookie to play Wes Welker and I'll tell you what it's all about poetic justice was Walker not a full bore but he might be Superbowl MVP he keeps making plays like this he's like one of the right side most of the last what's with the tighter in the swamp really takes your chat rooms those are the words that got away from me had welcomed wide open right here the the first down marker well again the accuracy problem would be interesting to see what comes out of the post game press conferences talking about Brady's ankle how bad it was there was all sorts of different view points on it you know I figure if you're on the field you're out there playing you know there's no excuses nothing Tom Brady whatever Brady now has a second and ten at midfield fourteen seconds to play in this third quarter the survivors began at the tender was backed up with five on now when it comes flying as really pulls out signals full story the seventy two one ninety second one of the day again it just disjointed completely distorted nose tackles are uncomfortable because of the different depends on the effectiveness of the giants are having to take trips to the line Britain once had lows mostly in laws the double coverage the his father by the combination of river Wilson Corey Webster and we're down to six seconds to go this third quarter's number thirty fifteen at the forty six to this point Randy moss with to them it was late in the first half Westworld who has been the store is forcing the Sooners go through yourself first of all what may be the toughest player in the world what do you fifty six yard line past school miscible flooding the small ones and walked out of out of the market not all the way getting out about stop the clock with seconds to go right now they're gonna run okay that'll for the second third quarter that's the end of the with the score the patriots seventh and the giants three you're listening to Superbowl forty to one question for I was nine when I lost my leg to bone cancer I had a fifty percent chance to live after chemotherapy treatments at my children's hospital and the amputation even the odds but when I ever be as active as I once once fast forward twenty years I've competed in the Paralympics and now play on the U. S. N. B. T. soccer team kids live their dreams just like me put your money where the miracles are give to your children's miracle network hospitals a social distancing tip keeping your distance from others is important in slowing the spread of coronavirus so here's some fun things to do alone read a book take a walk unpack your suitcase from that trip you took last September a self portrait catch up on the TV series do a puzzle remember we should.

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