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And the other thing, Mike, they purchased the source at auction for $250,000. Whereas the one coal miners kitten and the three universal hero, those are my other top picks. Those are home breads. And you know, you don't necessarily know what you're going to get. There's nothing else lights on Broadway sold very well and they at least got to kind of see him. Move around a little bit, whereas the home bred here, we don't necessarily know what we're getting, but again, as I've kind of hinted at, this is a spread for me and not a lot of confidence in here. All right, and then in the next leg. So we'll go with the single and the first leg will go deep in the second leg. Leg number three is race number 8, 12, 5 claimer. This is also on the all weather mile in the 16th. Boy, another bit of a head scratcher when I looked at this race. What do you think? Yeah, so this is what I got. I got 70 here. Yeah. The dart lands on starship wizards. Caesar figueroa has had a really, really strong 2022 and basically everything he set out is meant super live. When we end the championship meet at the start of April, we morph into the royal palm meat, which is we're in right now. And you can see his staff. I mean, he's ten for 19 and the exact. He's got 6 wins. He ran the source for 20 off of maiden claiming when and the horse ran okay just a little over his head. Well, now he's back for 12.5. Caesar claimed this one for 16 three back, got the win right away. So to me, Mike, this is the proper level. He's kind of with his friends in here. And he's going to be a decent little price. I put him on top. Certainly silent chaos on the class drop has got to be a major player because he's never been in this light in three starts against winners, but Roth gars on the outside bar amador Sanchez, eavesdropping in class, their sappy and Edgar zayas with dosed in you. This is the other race, Mike, where I just want to kind of ensure I'm going to be alive. And one other thing I'll mention to, especially with ray savin and certainly in race, you know, like you get these races that are deep and competitive and you get, let's say you get a 7 to one home in the rainbow. Sometimes 7 at once play like 15 because if you're talking about the 5th 6th betting choice, sometimes a betting public just can't get there. You know what I mean? And those forces, even though they might be 7 to one on the top board, they're blown up a lot more than that in the horizontals. Yeah, yeah, so race 8 has 9 horses. You said you're 7 deep in there. So who are the two horses who aren't using? The 5 in the 6, Mike are not going to be on that ticket. That's charming Charlie and solar tap. Certainly solar cap. I can't possibly see winning. Charming Charlie. I won't say is impossible, but you got to feed someone. Yeah, right, right. All right, so move on to the second half of the Rainbow Six. Talk to Brian netto who is the handicapper at Gulfstream. He does a great job down there. My main Ron nicoletti is down there as well. And he's getting ready for the Rainbow Six two. So everybody's getting ready for that mandatory payout later today. We're on to race number 9, 9 ten 11 will wrap it up. $35,000 claim or 6 and a half furlongs on the main. Yes, this is important. Check the weather because I think I'll figure it out who's my best bet of the day is better than these are provided. We're on a fast main track. And I just look at his two races that you're seeing in his password performances. You got to dig. It was March 27th when he was third, but yes, I'm a piece apocalypse pico. Both come back to win and then certainly last time, Mike, when he was a really, really good second with a big number. He's also in Ron and I talk about this a lot and I think it's a big deal of these types of races. He's a horse that's won two races and you look through this field. There's only a field of 9 only three of them have done that. So I think that's something that sometimes gets lost when tracks start writing the four and up two wells or three year olds. It's a big deal to have to have one a couple races. He's done it. He just missed last time against similar I'm right back with him. He could stop the early pace, which should be pretty solid and get first run. And if I'm going to go 6 and 7 deep and the other couple races, I've got to have a I've got to have a wedge in here and that's all figure it out. All right, that's race number 9, four to one on the morning line. I'll figure it out a single in there in that leg. So race number ten is the Benny the bull stakes I mentioned that one when we heard the call of Benny the bull winning the 2008 smile sprint handicap that was at the end of our one of this show. And I got a chance to talk about Benny the bull and what it was like to be there that day that he won. He was quite a racehorse and it's great to remember him with this race later today. Yeah, he was a cool dude, man. He was a hard knocker and I agree with you. We got a Florida bread stakes race year, honoring a good one. And we got to check the scratches, Mike, because dean delivers is also entered tomorrow and what would be an easier spot is even on the morning line tomorrow. It's a big deal because obviously it's 9 to 5 on this morning line today and he's the worst of beat. I really like putting a lot. And I'm going to tell anybody that might be on a budget, even if dean delivers. I'm putting will be a single on my backup tickets, Mike, because he's an older horse and he was just second to Willie boy. And I have a hell of a lot of respect for dean delivers. I'm not sure he can be second to Willie boy, who's really, really nice for Jorge Delgado he went up to Saratoga and yeah, he got blitzed by Jackie's lawyer, but who doesn't get what's by Jackie's lawyer, but he was third in the grade one Vanderbilt up there. I thought he acquitted himself pretty nicely. Mike, this is another race. You got to check the weather because it's right there in front of you. You look at puddings form. It's just so rock solid, but what's the one blip to back in the slop when he was a distant third to absolute grit, who I don't really think has a chance on dry land, but you look at the race in the slop two back. He absolutely freaks. So pay attention to the weather right up until we kick this thing off, you know, three 15, three ten, what have you? I can get a fascinating track. I'm going to be very aggressive with putting in here today. All right, let's assume that we are alive, Brian, going into that last leg. It's a $10,000 claimer, 5 and a half for a longs on the all weather. What a challenging race to try to wrap this thing up. There's no doubt about it, Mike.

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