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Two one two four CBS Jerry Hananel. Join us at ten forty seven forty west on college. Football us our bench insider. When it comes to college football. I think college basketball and soccer from not talking to Roger. Ozzie the sports junkie joins us tonight from. Harry Carey down not stadium. Officer large beers beggar. Walshaw Tampa Bay Buccaneers doc- the sports junkies. Remember Ozzy car Evert on here before once maybe I have he's the man one of the all time greats. He sounds a lot like yours truly actually he could fill in for me. If I die. Or Wally tipping. All these things could happen at any minute. Now. NFL week to the Jaguars beat the patriots. And I lost a lot of money. Anyway, I had sixty two percent of the Garber which is not seventy nine percent. But it's still ten percent over making money is that not accurate. I guess that's still pretty strong right fairly strong. I'll take sixty two percent every day if it's a bad day if that's a bad day sixty two percent. I'll take it. Right. Anyway, I hit three of my.

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