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Ask themselves are we going to treat these guys as if they're on the open market and most teams regardless of who you are chris they are not going to do that they're going to have the frank conversation with the agent and say look if we don't do a deal here we got you for this year we got you for next year we'll tag you the year after will tag it a year after that so for us we're not looking at a divorce for four more years and you know what for how old are you going to be in four years thirty eight thirty nine and i think yeah got a question wouldn't it be better for players number one and just more fun for fans in general if the franchise tag did not exist wouldn't it be more fun if matt ryan was gonna be a free agent next year and there was no way the falcons could stop it unless they resigned to a new deal of course it would be more fun it wouldn't be fun for the owners though and they're the ones who put the role in place two billion dollar owners that's the my whole i mean yeah hey look here's what happened and and this was nine thousand nine hundred ninety three when the current system was put in place after the eighty seven strike failed the union shutdown and launched an antitrust lawsuit against the nfl and that and i trust lawsuit was leveraged into a real free agency system but it's not real free agency because every team has the ability every year to pick one guy whose contract is up and say you're not going anywhere and that's what was agreed to by both sides twenty six years ago and that's never been legislated out of the labor deal and it's so it's here to stay and people may not like it but i don't know that there's ever going to be enough movement among players to say we're willing to make some major concession to the nfl in order to make the franchise tag go away and i don't know what it would take for the teams to agree to.

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